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August 10, 2010

Christina McHale


C. McHALE/N. Petrova
7-5, 5-3 (ret.)

THE MODERATOR: Questions, please.

Q. Is this the biggest win of your career so far at the pro level?
CHRISTINA McHALE: Yeah, this is definitely one of my biggest wins. I think maybe she's the highest-ranked player that I've beaten before in a WTA tournament.
So, yeah, I'm really excited.

Q. What was most difficult to beat: the player or the heat?
CHRISTINA McHALE: Obviously she's a really good player, so I had to deal with her, yeah, her great shots.
The heat was also a factor, but I tried to stay as cool as possible.

Q. You served very well throughout. How key is the serve to you succeeding?
CHRISTINA McHALE: Yeah, for sure I think my serve was definitely a key factor today. Because when I was able to hold my serve, then I had a chance at just being able to go for my shots more on her service games knowing that I had held my serve.

Q. You had broken her there in the first and had a chance to close out the first before the tiebreaker. She came back and broke you back. Can you talk about just the mental state right there and how you were able to regroup.
CHRISTINA McHALE: Yeah, I knew I was still in the match at that point. I knew I had a big opportunity at 5-4 to serve it out. I knew I just had to keep playing every point like I had been doing and just stay with the high intensity.

Q. What were your thoughts when she retired when you were one game from the win? Were you surprised?
CHRISTINA McHALE: Yeah, I was surprised. I'm just excited to move on to the next round.

Q. You were surprised, so you didn't see that she was giving in in the last couple of games?
CHRISTINA McHALE: I'm not really sure what happened. Yeah.

Q. You couldn't see her having trouble because of the heat?
CHRISTINA McHALE: I know she called the trainer, but I wasn't sure what she called the trainer for. Yeah, I didn't try to focus too much on that.

Q. Did you do special things to cope with the heat?
CHRISTINA McHALE: Yeah, I tried to obviously drink a lot, put some ice packs on my neck, and, yeah, just change my outfit after the first set to stay cool.

Q. As an American, you get these wild cards into tournaments on American soil. How important is it for to you make the most of the opportunity you're given both at tournaments like this and the US Open coming up?
CHRISTINA McHALE: I just try to play each match, each point, the best that I can. I don't really think of, Okay, now I have -- like this is a great opportunity. I have to get...
I just try to stay just playing my game each point.

Q. When was the last time you played when it was this hot?
CHRISTINA McHALE: Yeah, maybe -- I remember the heat in Australia being like this last year.

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