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August 8, 2010

Ryan Palmer


COLIN MURRAY: Ryan, thanks for joining us here. I know it wasn't quite the result you were looking for today but still 69 today in the last group, solo second, over all a good week. Talk about that experience today and just the week as a whole.
RYAN PALMER: Yeah, it was a good day. I can't be disappointed. I finished second in a World Golf Championship and I played good today being under the gun like I was. I mean, you've got to hand it to Hunter Mahan, he went out and did what I expected somebody to do and shot a low round. I didn't lose the golf tournament. I'm proud of that.
I'm proud of the way I hung in all day. My swing felt good all day, I never got nervous with each shot and had a good strong round to get me fired up and just could not get quite close enough to make a good putt.
I had a chance to birdie 17 and also coming down 18. But it was a good day. I'm proud of the way I played today and this week and I'm excited about next week.

Q. Could you talk about how the conditions were different today and how much tougher, more difficult the course played?
RYAN PALMER: It definitely played a little different. The greens were definitely dried out. They obviously didn't water them through the night, and a lot of pins were tucked behind some slopes and you couldn't necessarily throw it at the pin like you could the first three days and you had to really control your ball into those greens. I had a couple shots I hit that went a little long that I thought would be perfect, but it played tough.
I played a pretty solid, good round of golf today, and like I said, for a round like that Hunter shot, he definitely went out and seized the moment and won the golf tournament, so good for him.

Q. It was kind of a nice little dual you and Sean had out there. Discuss what it was like going back and forth today.
RYAN PALMER: Yeah, we did. I guess through 10 holes it was nice to -- obviously he was in control a lot being that he was at 11-under for a long time and of course I had a couple of errant shots the middle part of the round. We kind of fed off each other a little bit. I kept saying I'm in the moment, I wasn't worrying about what he was doing.
I knew what Hunter was doing, was keeping on eye on that. I had a chance. I hit two great shots on 16, can't hit them any better. Just had a pretty tough chip going into the grain and it's a chip you can't hit firm. I had 12 feet, had a good look at it but didn't make it. You know, we'll move on, and this was a great experience for me for sure.

Q. What holes were you most pleased with today?
RYAN PALMER: Well, the start obviously. Even on 2 I flagged a 9-iron. I thought it was perfect in the middle of the green, and then I hit some great irons coming in. But when I bogeyed 9, I told James, my caddie, let's go shoot 3- or 4- or 5-under and see if we can't win this thing. I came out 10 and 11 firing at it and made two good putts.
But probably my most exciting moment, proudest moment was on 16 to hit the tee ball that I hit knowing I had to make birdie. Standing there with a 5-iron with water in front of that pin, and I told James, this swing is for Randy is what I kind of told him because I knew what I needed to do, and I hit it over the flag, and it hit the downslope and I had a tough time.

Q. It's been a while since Hawai'i obviously. Kind of some ups and downs in between them. Why did the light come back on this week?
RYAN PALMER: Well, it started at Canada when I realized my clubs were a degree and a half flat. I wasn't playing that bad, I just couldn't get over the hump. I missed the cut by one or two. I felt I was putting good. My short game was still good and I wasn't hitting the ball that bad, just could not get the results out of it.
I got the confidence that my clubs were back to where I wanted them at Canada and hit the ball great all week. So I knew I had some good practice sessions at home after Canada and I knew coming into this week that I was hitting it good, and I tweaked on Sunday with Randy, and then I played good on this golf course. I had confidence riding into this course, but I didn't expect to come out and have a chance to win, but I'm pretty proud that I played the way I did, and I'm excited for what the PGA holds next week.
COLIN MURRAY: Ryan, thanks for your time, and good luck next week.

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