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August 8, 2010

Jim Furyk


Q. Talk about specifics of what was a terrific round of golf. I've got to ask you about 16. You hit a magnificent shot in there and ended up in the lake. How disappointing is that?
JIM FURYK: It is. I had a lot of momentum going. After birdieing 12 and 13, getting it to -- I think at that time I was 7-under, I had a good opportunity at 14 that slipped by the hole. 15, I had a long putt that looked like it was going in, and somehow it crawled over the edge. I had some momentum going and was pretty much thinking birdie. I'm trying to birdie every hole on the way in, trying to make it interesting.
At 16 I lobbed a wedge in the air. I hit it well. One thing, I was hoping it wasn't going to spin too much that -- I knew it was going to be on the green and I was going to have a good look, I thought, for birdie. But I thought it really had a chance to be close, and of course I flew it in, and it jumped back, went in the lake. Just disappointing. I knew that if I could get it to 9-under, maybe I could put some heat if I posted it early, 10-under sure may have had a chance to win. I kind of took any hope of that happening away.
But it happens. It's disappointing, but there's nothing you can do about it. I've always been able to accept things when I've hit good shots. When I've done all I could, when I hit a good putt and it didn't go in, or I hit a good shot and it turned out bad, I can kind of accept that.
The things I've beat myself up over in my career are when I've hit poor shots or haven't done the right things or made a good stroke or hit a good -- made a good swing. When you lose tournaments that way, it lingers with you. But I did all I could today, and if I have to fault really anything, I didn't set myself up very well the first three days.

Q. Give us a sense of how the back nine is playing. The leaders are obviously approaching that now.
JIM FURYK: You know, I was kind of in a mode where things were going in. I birdied 8 and 9, and I had my opportunities. You've got the wind pretty much blowing mostly north and south. It's coming from the southwest, so everything coming down the hill is playing a lot shorter. I hit a 7-iron into No. 9 today, which is shocking. But on the back nine you have your opportunities. 16 can be very interesting down the stretch because if someone does get it in the fairway they can have a go at it. They've got the tees way up today, it's playing downwind, it is reachable for a lot of the field, it is just really difficult to get the ball in the fairway. So I still think that'll be a key hole down the stretch.

Q. Just briefly how good are you feeling about your game going into the final major of the year next week?
JIM FURYK: I feel pretty good. I played well last week and never really got over the hump. I feel like I've played better than what I got out of this week. I talked to my caddie a little bit yesterday, my dad is my teacher, I talked to him last night, and I said, when I made some poor swings, when I've had trouble getting the ball in the fairway or missing greens, I've really scrapped it out and gotten the ball in the hole, and the problem I was having is that when I've hit it well and given myself a lot of opportunities, I haven't taken advantage of them.
I haven't got a round going where I got it way under par and I kind of fixed that a little bit today. I got to see some putts going in, so that makes me feel better for next week.

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