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August 8, 2010

J.J. Henry


Q. J.J., if you could, I'll just start it off with, nice round today, 9-under your best round here this week. What went different for you today?
J.J. HENRY: You know, I just -- I made some putts. Really, I think it's been a long time coming. The last three or four weeks I've hit the ball really well and just haven't really made any putts.
And my caddy and I, Damien, spent some time after I played yesterday to really kind of just working on putting a little bit, get my hands a little bit farther forward. And my speed was good today. And I made the putts.
I mean I hit the ball as good as I did all week, so it's nice to have -- especially on Sunday to finish it off. And who knows, I might be a little bit short, but I'm really proud of the way I played and looking forward to -- unfortunately -- well, you never know, I'm not in the PGA, but a week off and get ready to play Greensboro and then head for the PLAYOFFS.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
J.J. HENRY: I was. Yeah. I was. I hit the ball great yesterday. I hit the ball really good the last couple weeks really, and just a little bit frustrated with my short game and my wedges and my putting.
I've always been a pretty good ball striker out here, but when I putt and I make some, I tend to top the leaderboard. So obviously it was a great week. Beautiful golf course. I love playing here. I've played here now a couple times. And it's a really, really first-class golf course, and the crowd's been great, so it's great to be a part of it.

Q. What will you do now the next hour or two?
J.J. HENRY: Probably just kind of relax a little bit, grab something to eat, kind of decompress. Like I say, I was grinding pretty hard out there coming in.

Q. It'll be kind of hard to relax.
J.J. HENRY: Well, you know, you never wish anybody bad misfortune, if you will. Bottom line is I played great today. You know, whether it's good enough or not, I'm proud of the way I played and hopefully just carry it over into the future.

Q. You talked a little bit about the golf course, and obviously this is not a field event this week. But what would it take to get some top really good players. Would it have to be this time of year?
J.J. HENRY: Well, we do have some great players here. I mean like you said, there is another World Golf event, but there's 132 or 144 of the best players in the world here.
I mean I guarantee the guys playing over at the World Golf aren't going to be shooting more than 9-under par. I mean the bottom line is it might not be the household names, but that's what's great about the PGA TOUR. Every week somebody can step up and make a name for themselves and play great.
And this is a great, great venue, obviously with this time of year, too. The weather is perfect. And I'm heading home to Texas tonight and my wife says it's 110 degrees. So it's nice to be out here enjoying it, great crowds; and hopefully we'll continue to come here for a long time.

Q. Can you talk about the state of the golf course? Three guys have tied the course record this week. Is it because the golf course is in such great shape?
J.J. HENRY: Yeah, the greens are pretty soft. Anytime -- again, these are the best players in the world. Anytime the greens are pretty soft and the golf course is in as good of shape as it is, you're going to see some low scores. And there wasn't a whole lot of wind, especially for the first 12 or 14 holes.
But anytime you get the best players and soft greens and as good of shape as this golf course is in, you're going to see some low scores.

Q. Did you have a number in mind when you started today?
J.J. HENRY: No. I just wanted to continue really. I knew I was going to hit the ball well. I just wanted to try to make some putts, and I hit a lot of good shots, made a lot of tap-ins. I hit a lot of close shots. I hit it about three feet for eagle on 12.
I'm not here to say I should've shot lower, but I missed it from six or eight feet on 18, so who knows, that might have been something that, you know, you never know.
But again, I can't look at that. I played great. Like I said, to shoot 63 9-under on Sunday you're always going to make a move. Maybe I was a little too far back, maybe not. But I'll take all positives from this week and push forward.

Q. You led the leaderboard on 18. And were you looking --
J.J. HENRY: Well, I knew it was somewhere. Most of the leaders are still on the fourth hole, fifth hole. So you know, there's a lot of golf left. And there are some birdie holes. Obviously 18 is downwind.
Those hard holes early in the week, which were 12 -- or 13, 14, 15 are actually downwind today, so they're playing a little bit easier. With soft greens, you know, you could have some birdie chances there.
But 17 is playing real tough. 16 -- 16 is a good par-3, so there's some fun drama. Of course, 18 is a risk-reward par-5. So could be some neat drama this afternoon.

Q. What happened on the last putt?
J.J. HENRY: I actually thought I hit a pretty good putt. I thought it was going to break, just about left-edge putt. I hit it a little too hard and it stayed there, and unfortunately kind of stayed right there.
The wind was kind of leveling me around pretty good, and I hit it right where I wanted to. It wasn't a bad putt. I just misread it.
Thanks, guys. Appreciate it.

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