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August 7, 2010

Peter Hanson


Q. How pleased are you with your day's work?
PETER HANSON: Very pleased. I thought I played very steady today, hitting it good off the tee and that I was worried about before I teed off and got the driver working so I was in play most of the time. Gave myself some reasonably good chances, and it was good.

Q. There were some stats on the screen about your putting, 48 of 51 inside 10 feet and it looks like 47 of 48 inside eight feet. Pretty good news, huh?
PETER HANSON: Very good news. That's part of my game has been going away sometimes, and I've been a bit on and off with the putter, but it feels good. Like I said before we teed off, I changed a bit with the setup last week and changed to a new putter, so maybe it has something to do with that.

Q. How was the atmosphere out there with Mr. Mickelson?
PETER HANSON: He's great to play with, such a nice guy, as well, so very pleased to play with him. First time for me today to play with him. We chatted away, and he didn't play as best today, but he was still a really nice guy and really easy to play with.

Q. Did he hit any shots that you thought, wow, how has he done that (easy to play with)?
PETER HANSON: Yeah, he does all the time pretty much. He was really spraying it off the tee and into the trees and he cuts it in there and gets it around and gets up-and-down, so if that would have been me I probably would have been three or four shots more on my card.

Q. How excited are you to have an opportunity to win a World Golf Championships tomorrow?
PETER HANSON: Very excited, of course. I feel happy with my game, and like I said, focusing on trying to push as hard as I can to get on that Ryder Cup team. I have this week and next week coming up, and I feel great to have my game here.

Q. You hope Monty is watching then?
PETER HANSON: Of course I am. But I know I have to play well. I'm a little bit behind now, but these are two big weeks and I'm happy with my game, so I should make a good run for it.

Q. It was lovely play out there, quite an experience playing with Phil out there, isn't it?
PETER HANSON: Yeah, I mean, as always, it's so loud sometimes when you walk off of tees. It's a great atmosphere. Like I said, he's a really nice guy and he's very easy to play with.

Q. A lot of people here in America are unfamiliar with you, and seeing your name at the top of the leaderboard, what can you tell them about Peter Hanson? Who is Peter Hanson? Tell me a little bit about what you do off the course. What do you do to relax, you like your rally driving?
PETER HANSON: Yeah, exactly. I like my cars. I mainly like driving. It doesn't matter pretty much what kind of car as long as it handles good. I love my driving, and if it's rallying or on a racetrack, it's good fun for the summer when I have a bit of time off. And wintertime, I grew up hunting a lot up in Sweden, so that's a big passion. A little bit less now moving over here and spending the winters down in Florida, but I think the day when I move back, I'm going to pick it up again.

Q. When did you move over to America?
PETER HANSON: Last winter. I thought -- I've always been very, what do you say, close to home. I like being home, close to family and friends, but we're trying to compete against the best in the world and spending too many months in the Swedish winter. I've been thinking about it for a few years now, and we moved over to Orlando, Lake Nona, where Justin Rose is and Ian Poulter and Henrik Stenson. Been through a few times and really liked that and being able to get the chance to practice every day, even during the winter months.

Q. Must be quite strange down there with that golfing community. It's quite good fun, but you see an awful lot of each other.
PETER HANSON: Yeah, we do, but it's only positive so far I have to say because just the feeling of getting out there, and we practice together, and it's easy to find a way, to play some competitive golf. When you play against the best players in the world, the training mode I'm in, it's going to help me, and it's definitely done so so far this year.

Q. Do you go around and play sort of a morning swindle like we do at home, go out and throw a fiver in the net and see what --
PETER HANSON: Definitely. I mean, definitely, we do, we live close by and it's easy to spend a little time together. Of course it's a lot more relaxed than being out here. It's competitive, and we know we all want to beat each other, so of course it's very different when we're back home.

Q. Your career highlight to date probably winning the Scandinavian Masters, isn't it?
PETER HANSON: Definitely, it is, that's my highlight. Of course every time you win it's a fantastic feeling, but to win back home, it's amazing. I really enjoy playing team events, as well. I've been playing a few Seve Trophies, World Trophies under Colin, and I love team events, so like I said before I came here, I had a look at the Ryder Cup list, and I thought if I played two really good weeks then see what I can do.

Q. You're doing all you need to so far this week. It's going to be a big day for you tomorrow.
PETER HANSON: It is, yeah, it is. I just hope I can play the same kind of golf that I've been doing the first three days and see where I end up. Like you said, my putting has been very good this week. I've been holing out nicely. So it's all about keeping up, keeping the ball in play off the tee and trying to make a few putts.

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