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August 7, 2010

Chris Couch


Q. Chris, obviously you had a good round today. Can you talk a little bit about the conditions were a lot better.
CHRIS COUCH: Whew! A lot better than yesterday, that's for sure. Yesterday I think I got a little wind blown out there, but today was a beautiful today, nice degrees out, and the course is in perfect shape. So it's there for the taking.

Q. Had two guys tie the course record today, you and I guess Charles Warren earlier tied last year's course record. Kind of talk about is it playing that much easier than previous years?
CHRIS COUCH: Well, the only time I've played here was in 2007. I think that was the inaugural, however you say that word. And it was cold. So it's playing a lot different than then. I'm not sure how the course has played in the past. I've heard it's been cold here every year just about, so yeah, when it's warm like this, the ball's traveling a little further, makes it a little easier.

Q. When you're having a round like today, is this a round when you realize, wow, this is a very special number coming out?
CHRIS COUCH: I didn't really think about it that much. I was just trying to climb up the leaderboard as much as I could today and make a move toward tomorrow, and I ended up being 9-under. I didn't even realize how many under I was.
But when you get in a situation like that, you don't want to think about how many under you are. You just want to keep doing what you're doing.

Q. Were you putting really well? What was the magic for you today?
CHRIS COUCH: Yeah. I hit it really well today. I don't think I made too many long putts. I actually missed a couple that were, you know, probably inside 10 feet. So I hit it very well today, and I'm blessed to be in the position I'm in.

Q. No. 13 yesterday was playing very, very difficult and you bogeyed yesterday and you made a birdie there. How much different were the conditions on that one hole?
CHRIS COUCH: Well, with the wind pumping the way it was yesterday, I almost played that hole as a par-5. Where that pin was --

Q. Where was the pin?
CHRIS COUCH: It was up front, left. And the only place you can miss it on that hole is left, which I did.

Q. But you didn't go in the water?
CHRIS COUCH: No. It's just a really hard up-and-down there. And I had to hit driver 4-iron there yesterday, and today I hit 3-wood 7-iron. So that's the difference.

Q. So you have the Gator colors on the wrist; you're playing with DiMarco.
CHRIS COUCH: Yeah. We had the orange and blue on the wrist. Had to keep the colors going.

Q. Had you played with him?
CHRIS COUCH: I think the last time I played with him this year was in Phoenix.

Q. (Indiscernible). You played that how far today?
CHRIS COUCH: I think that was about eight feet.

Q. I know you've had some health problems in the past. You must be feeling fine, and is everything better now?
CHRIS COUCH: I'm healthy finally. You know, I've had last two years shoulder problems, and had a lot of prayers from family members and friends and support from my family and my wife, and you know, my dad. They've kept my hopes up, and God's blessed me to be back out here.

Q. Chris, what is your best shot out there today that you're really happy with or something that saved you a little bit?
CHRIS COUCH: I think what kept the round going was No. 8. I hit two good shots in there, and I rolled off close to the green there in the bunker. Kind of a pretty simple bunker shot, but I sent it over the green and had a real tough chip and ended up chipping it probably 15 feet by, and I made that putt and I think that kept the round going.

Q. Great round.

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