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August 7, 2010

Katsumasa Miyamoto


Q. Talk about your round in general.
KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: I got off to a great start. I was able to shoot 2-under on the front nine, and then with that 17, that kind of got me to where I was today. But it was a good day.

Q. The eagle on 17, can you just talk about that again? I know you have before, but...
KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: I hit a driver off the tee, and I hit a pitching wedge 117 yards to the pin. I couldn't see where it went, but when I got out of the bunker, I heard the crowd cheer, so I knew that it went in, and I was really excited.

Q. 29 on the back nine, tournament record here. Just thoughts on shooting 6-under par on the back side.
KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: Just unbelievable. Of all the great players that have played here that really haven't posted that score, it's just an honor, and I'm just really so excited right now.

Q. It's your first appearance here in the WGC Bridgestone Invitational. Any idea that this kind of round was out there for you?
KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: Obviously I didn't think that this round would happen, but my goal was to definitely get it to under par, and after the four days was over, I was going to get it to under par, and that's what I was shooting for. Obviously today I was able to shoot low and get into where I'm at now.
I'm definitely very excited and happy to be here.

Q. Just thoughts on tomorrow now, 5-under par, right back in the middle of the tournament. Just thoughts on tomorrow's round.
KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: You know, I want to get as many birdies as I did today, tomorrow. I'm just going to play well and hopefully get some birdies out there tomorrow.

Q. I know you talked about it before, but would you give us a little insight into the orange ball issue, what's going on with that?
KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: You know, I've been playing this ball for about two years now, and in Japan, everybody knows that I use this ball, and it's kind of out there. But here in the States, I still kind of get the reaction from the fans that they're not used to seeing this ball. So hopefully they'll get used to this ball, and I'll be able to show them more of that orange ball.

Q. Make is it?
KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: Bridgestone TourStage.

Q. I believe you played on the PGA TOUR in 1999. Just talk about that experience and what it's like to be back playing in the United States.
KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: Like Steve Stricker, I want the comeback show. I want to try to get to play.

Q. Any interesting stories about coming over and playing in the United States, being in Ohio this week?
KATSUMASA MIYAMOTO: You know, it's been ten years, but the food is still good. I went to Applebee's last night and was able to eat some chicken wings. So it's good to be back.

Q. Did you do anything particularly well today, any part of your game that you did better than others, chipping, putting, driving?

Q. Do you know how many putts you had?

Q. Is that low for you, 24 putts?

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