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February 16, 2001

Jesper Parnevik


JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Pretty exciting day for you. Let's begin with your emotions and some information about your newborn child.

JESPER PARNEVIK: Oh, yeah. It's fantastic to finally get a boy. As you know, I have three girls and now another one is a boy. It was great and things went very, very well.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: We're going to have a few questions and if you can try to speak real clearly into the phone. We're doing this through a lot of different monitors here and it would be helpful to be able to hear you a little clearer.

Q. Just basically, congratulations. But how tough a decision -- we haven't talked to you since you withdrew, and I guess you made the right decision, you were home to see the baby?

JESPER PARNEVIK: Yeah, like I said earlier, I never have ever missed a tournament when I was the defending champion. Palm Desert is one of my favorite places ever since I came over. For the first one in '93, I had played seven weeks in a row in Europe in long-johns, rain gear, and I landed in Palm Springs for the Tour, and I thought I came to paradise. Right now, it seems like I made the right decision.

Q. I see you're on the list for Nissan next week. Are you for sure playing in that?

JESPER PARNEVIK: Yeah, I am. Everything went very well. My wife is probably going to stay here for another 24 hours, but if everything is okay, I'm planning on playing in the Nissan open.

Q. Last week you said you didn't have a name for the boy. Do you have a name yet or do you get to wait until your wife leaves the hospital for that?

JESPER PARNEVIK: Looks like it is going to be Phoenix. Phoenix Parnevik. That was my first tournament win over here in the United States.

Q. Have you been watching what's been going on out here? Have you been monitoring the tournament at all?

JESPER PARNEVIK: Yeah. Actually, I had it on just in the last hour or so, and the weather looked, like always, perfect. When you watch it on TV, you definitely want to be there.

Q. What's the deal with all of the "P" first names with all of the kids?

JESPER PARNEVIK: I think it started with my parents. I have a sister -- inaudible -- and a sister named Jill, and we named the first one Peg. So we ended up with all P's.

Q. Can you give us the weight?

JESPER PARNEVIK: Yeah. 7 pounds, 11 ounces, the weight, and he was born at 5:22, and my wife was in labor for about seven hours, but everything went very, very well. No complications or anything. Just left there about an hour ago. I'll go back there tomorrow morning again.

JOAN vT ALEXANDER: Jesper, we'd like to thank you for joining us.

End of FastScripts....

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