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August 5, 2010

Adam Scott


LAURA HILL: We'd like to welcome Adam Scott, 4-under, pretty good start for this event. Just give us your reaction on the round and how things went today.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, I'm really pleased with today, no bogeys, certainly been a while for me since I had a round like that. But I played really nicely, and the couple times I was a little off course, I managed to scramble well and not drop any shots, so kept the momentum going, and a solid start around here. Pretty demanding.

Q. What did you think about playing in twos today? It's the first time they've done that in a while.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, if you like playing in three hours and 40 minutes, it was perfect. It was great. I played with Rickie, too, who's a very fast player. The field is small enough that we should be able to.

Q. Seeing as my source for Adam Scott information, Jim McCabe isn't here at the moment, when did you switch to the cross hand and why and what seemed to be working well?
ADAM SCOTT: I switched at the Travelers after the U.S. Open because -- a list of reasons, but I was struggling the other way, and I think technically it's a good stroke for me, and a lot of the things, or most all the things that Dave Stockton, Jr. has talked to me about that he likes to see with the hands on the club and the way the putter head moves and the stroke I find easier to do with my left hand below the right. So those two things were pretty convincing, and it feels good so I've been sticking with it. There's nothing wrong with the stroke technically.

Q. Was today as good as it's been, or has it been working well all through?
ADAM SCOTT: It was good today. You know, it wasn't where I'd really love it to be, but there was no three-putts, so that was a good thing for me today. The little bit of work I've done since the Open, I think, has paid off. I think I've got a good plan in place that I put in playing with Brad. I hadn't seen Dave until this week. I hadn't seen him since before the U.S. Open, so Brad and I put a bit of a practice plan in place, and it's been working good. But it's just the start, so good start.

Q. Is it an elaborate plan?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's an elaborate plan (smiling).
It's just a bit of a -- through the end of the year, just stick with a few things that I'm working on and give it some time to at least come through, stick with the cross-handed stuff, don't try to go for a quick fix all the time and just work on it a little bit. Like I've done with my golf swing I think in the last year, I've just stuck with what I'm working on. Really at the French Open and at the Open I felt really it started to fall into place, everything we've worked on. It had been good before but really starting to feel good, and again, today was -- I'm swinging the club beautifully.

Q. Just to follow up on the putting thing, even though over the years you've had struggles on the greens, you've always been quite a good putter from 25 feet, 30 feet, and maybe a little less good from six feet.

Q. Do you think that this stroke maybe takes away a little bit from the bombs that you've sort of been known to make, and is it just more steady and maybe a little bit more middle of the road rather than up and down?
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, maybe. I've really struggled confidence-wise with the putting and certainly haven't been making the longer putts like I used to maybe rely on, even though I maybe didn't know that. But I think it's going to be more solid, I've just got to give it some time. And I'm sure when I start seeing the six-footers go in, it'll be easier for me to have a run at the longer ones, as well. When you're a little unsure on short ones you try and cozy long ones up there instead of just letting them go in.

Q. What were some of the more pleasing shots you hit today?
ADAM SCOTT: The whole front nine was good. Actually saving par on the last, I turned my tee shot over and it clipped the trees and went left in the trees, and I punched out to the front of the green. It was a really good punch shot, which gave me an easy putt from the front edge and saved par. It was a nice way to finish because getting bogey-free and 4-under is a good score.

Q. You weren't in the rough very much, but it seems kind of difficult to get -- play any kind of a decent shape out of that rough. It seems quite thick in places.
ADAM SCOTT: Yeah, it's fair rough for here. I mean, it's a lot fairer than it's been in the past. There were a few years here where it was really unplayable. But I think we -- it's not a good course to be in the rough because the trees are so big and the overhang, and you really need to be in the fairway. I mean, some holes even in the fairway you can get blocked a little by the trees.
It's a good course. If you're driving it well you're going to give yourself opportunities to get near the pin. If you're not, you're going to be scrambling.

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