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August 5, 2010

Jeff Overton


Q. Start off about getting back into the swing of it after last week and what it was like to come out and put up a good number today.
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, it was looking like yesterday I wasn't even going to get a practice round but we were able to get out and play in the afternoon and here we are, got off to kind of a slow start, but able to make a punch of putts coming down the stretch.

Q. How is the course playing for you?
A. The course is awesome. You just get up there and hit your driver about every hole, and it's a real true test of golf. You've got to know where to miss it but at the same time you've got to be able to hit it straight and hit it far and be able to hit a lot of longer iron shots in. At the same time you have some places where you have some wedges and stuff. If you can kind of take advantage of those holes and hang in there through the tougher ones, then you can kind of fire a decent round out here.

Q. It looks like you have a game plan for 16 and you pulled it off perfectly. Your strategy on 16?
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, you've got to kind of hit driver so you have a little bit of something you can kind of hit down there. My caddie is great. He's been here a few times, and he saw that there's a 95 front mark there. I actually hit about 15 yards left of that. We really try to get it to that point so it's a full 100-yard shot basically into all those pins. We were able to have a good number and have a wedge shot in there.

Q. Talk about the second shot into 18, just the wind.
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, I had 137 yards there on the downslope, and the wind was blowing back in. I kind of stopped because I thought it was blowing pretty hard, and it's been kind of sneaky; once the ball gets above those trees, all day the ball has been getting moved by it. I had a pitching wedge and I was on the downslope and I thought I had to really hit it hard and I hit it perfect, and I thought it was going to be absolute money, and it wound up flying 12 or 13 yards longer than I thought. I thought it had kind of been on the downslope and then there was that tree right by the pin that must have been kind of blocking out the wind a little bit.

Q. How is your confidence level?
JEFF OVERTON: I'm playing great. Confidence is high. I was telling people a few weeks ago I'm just more comfortable. The first couple years you don't really know a lot of the guys, and you kind of get to know people, you kind of get to know the courses, just get to know a whole lot of stuff about how to go about each week and how to play four-round tournaments. I just feel a lot more comfortable out here.

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