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August 5, 2010

Chad Campbell


LAURA HILL: Chad, tell us how it went out there. 67, obviously very good start for this event. Talk about getting that out of the way with those conditions out there today.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, it felt good out there. It was a good day. Greens are pretty soft, so there's birdie opportunities if you hit the ball in the fairway. It's pretty soft right now, but I assume they'll dry out pretty quick.
Played pretty solid, a lot of fairways, a lot of greens and made a few putts.

Q. Give us your birdies real quick.
CHAD CAMPBELL: I started on 10, so 11, 17 and -- let me think of them first.
11 was driver, 9-iron to about a foot.
17 was 3-wood, 7-iron to about 12 feet.
2, driver, 3-wood to about probably 45, 40 feet, two-putted.

Q. Was it that much club today?
CHAD CAMPBELL: 3-wood today? It was for me. It was a little into the wind. Not a lot of wind out there, but kind of heavy.

Q. What do you have going on right now as you come up to the last major of the year, Ryder Cup, is that a reach for you?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Well, I mean, it's a long shot, but you never know. Play good this week, get a win the next two weeks, you never know what will happen. Next two weeks, I haven't looked at it that much. I know I'm not really in consideration I would imagine, I don't know.
I feel like I'm playing all right, but you never know. We'll see what happens the next couple weeks. I'd definitely love to make the team. I've been on the last three, and I'd love to be on this one.

Q. Is the feel a little different having been in the last three, to be this far out of it right now?
CHAD CAMPBELL: A little bit, yeah, but I haven't played that well. I don't feel like I've played badly, I just feel like I haven't gotten a lot out of my game the last few years really. I feel like I've played all right. I don't feel like I'm going out there and playing terrible, but just haven't had the results. Haven't put four rounds together, haven't made the putts when I needed to or hit the shots when I needed to. I've been working hard at it and hopefully it'll turn around.

Q. Not that you've been out here a long time, but even in the time you've been out here, is that a testament to how much deeper and how much tougher the competition is out here?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I think it definitely is. I mean, you just look at some of the cuts, the cuts are a lot lower over the last few years. I think the fields are deeper. There's more players, more good players. Not that there wasn't in the past, but I think the talent is definitely raising every year.

Q. How low do you think anybody can go today? Thoughts? You've seen the course.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, the course is by no means easy. It never is. It could play soft and the greens slow, and it's not going to be -- it's never easy. It's always a tough golf course tee to green. You've got to get the ball in play.
The rough is not terrible. You can play out of it. You can get some decent lies. I had one that was terrible today, but you can play out of it. So whenever you miss a fairway with soft greens, you know, it helps you. If the greens are a little bit firmer it would be tough to stop out of the rough, which I would imagine Saturday and Sunday they'll get pretty firm like they always do. It's hard to say.
I think Bubba is 6-under right now, 5-under right now. Say 5, 6 will probably be leading if I was guessing, maybe 7.

Q. What's the status of American golf right now? It seems to be getting bashed about pretty good.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah, it does. I don't know. I don't see anything wrong with it to be honest with you. I'm not totally sure about the rankings, but I know the No. 1 player in the world is American, and I'm pretty sure the No. 2 one is. I'm not positive. So I mean, that speaks pretty highly of American golf.
I don't know about going down to top 10, top 20, I'm not too sure. But I think we've got a lot of good players. We've got a lot of players, not older, but we've got a lot of good young players, as well. You know, it's a good mix and I don't think there's anything wrong with it. I think it's kind of an unfair criticism that American golfers are getting.

Q. Four of the last 15 tournaments on TOUR won by Americans, 11 overseas. Some of these guys are based here.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah. I wasn't following you, yeah. The last 15 tournaments?

Q. I think 11 of the last 15 tournaments have been won by international players.
CHAD CAMPBELL: That's pretty good.

Q. That includes a couple majors.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Yeah. I don't know. I mean, that's great. I don't really have anything to comment on that. It's kind of hard to -- you've got a good point there.

Q. However the Ryder Cup team falls out, it seems like for years before your time, and mine as well, that Europe used to look at the Ryder Cup as a way of proving their worth as a Tour. It meant as much to them as a Tour as it did to the players. Can you see that flipping over to an American attitude just based on the criticism it's gotten of where all the American players are, et cetera?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I can see that, definitely with the way -- what's been written this year, like you pointed out, about American players. You know, I know most of the guys, they look at the stuff and they hear all the talk. We definitely want to prove a point. I haven't really talked to anybody about it, but I would imagine it's a lot of pride with your country and wanting to defend your country.

Q. U.S. has no chance this year; you've read that, right?
CHAD CAMPBELL: I haven't read that. Has that been written?

Q. I don't know. I'm just trying to stir the pot.
CHAD CAMPBELL: I don't know. It's always the same. I heard a few days ago that Europe was favored, which is not a stretch, I wouldn't imagine. I think it's a pretty good match. I look at our team, we've got the guys that are on there -- that are going to be on there right now, got a few new guys and obviously the guys that are there all the time. New guys that are there are great players; they're there for a reason.

Q. I think Monty made a point that he could fill two strong teams. That would be the biggest difference.
CHAD CAMPBELL: But you only play with one, don't you?

Q. How big is your family right now?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Weight-wise or -- that was worth you coming in, wasn't it?

Q. There you go.
CHAD CAMPBELL: Me and my wife and three boys.

Q. How quick did it grow?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Pretty quickly. The oldest one is almost three.

Q. Youngest one?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Four, almost five months.

Q. How old is the middle one?
CHAD CAMPBELL: Two, almost two.

Q. How quickly did you end up eventually going from one to three?
CHAD CAMPBELL: We actually went from zero to two. We adopted our oldest one about the same time that we had our first one, Grayson. We adopted Grayson and then we had Dax. He started staying with us all the time at the same time that Dax was born. So we went from zero to two, and then a month and a half later we went from two to three.

Q. What kind of an adjustment has that been?
CHAD CAMPBELL: A little bit of adjustment. It's been great, though. I wouldn't change it. They drive you crazy at times, but you get out here for one day and you miss them and you're ready to see them again. It's been awesome. My wife is -- I don't know how she does it. She's got -- it's awesome for her to be able to stay there and take care of them while I come out and play.
They haven't been able to travel very much. Pretty tough with one that young. They never traveled that much in the past, but we'll see. Little one gets a little bit older, we'll see what happens.

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