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August 1, 2010

John Cook


Q. 3-under, good playing?
JOHN COOK: Yeah, that was pretty good. I might have left a couple out there, but not too many. I made some birdies down the stretch. I hit one of my best shots ever on 17, to make a birdie there. It was a nice finish.
But I don't think I drove it good enough to win the tournament. I drove it good enough to play well and finish well, but not good enough to challenge this week, unfortunately. That's usually a fairly strong point in my game. I hit some nice drives but hit them in bad spots. I'm happy with that finish, for sure.

Q. Going in, did you think you had a chance and to get that chance you had to do something early?
JOHN COOK: Yeah, exactly. A decent start. I thought if I shot 4- or 5-under -- 5-under, 4-under might have had an outside chance. But -- assuming they're going to stumble, which wasn't likely. I thought 5-under might have been a decent score, at least. But started too far back. And to catch those two, yeah, they're the two best players, probably, and to spot them that many shots is tough. It was a great week, though.

Q. How about Bernhard's playing, looks like four rounds sub-paragraph.
JOHN COOK: He's had it since week one. He's played good every single week. Got me in a playoff at Boca, and then won in a rain-out, but then he won the British. He's got a good chance to win here. He's one of our best players, for sure, and that's why. He finishes the deal. He's a Hall of Famer. Good gosh, that's pretty strong credentials, and deservedly so. He's a great champion.

Q. This doesn't have the length of the other courses, but they were saying it's so difficult because of the pin placements?
JOHN COOK: Well, they've got some brutal pin placements, there's no doubt. In '98, I mean, it was plenty hard enough. There wasn't many guys under par in '98. I think I finished top-10 and I was barely under par. It just shows you don't have to have a lot of length.
I'm sure that they could do a couple of things here and there and gain 100, maybe 200 yards, but not likely. But what is real difficult is the firmness of the greens and some of those pins you can't shoot at. No matter what the length is you can't shoot at them, no matter what you have in your hands.
I think they'd have a strong recommendation, I really do, if they still want one. I'm sure there's some things that they can do to entice that, whether it be a PGA or a U.S. Open. The USGA wouldn't come here unless they were looking and see how things hold up, you know. Deservedly, this is a great area for golf, it really is. And hopefully we'll get back at some point before I stop playing.

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