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August 1, 2010

Tom Watson


TOM WATSON: I got off to a good start. I knocked it on the fairway and hit a sand wedge in 6 feet over the bunker. That was a tight pin position. I was rewarded with a sand wedge to a tight pin and could spin the ball, and I made birdie there.
And then kind of got back in my old game plan. At 8 and 9, I hit a lousy tee ball at 8, chipped out. Made bogey there.
4, I hit a terrible 4-iron, left it short of the bunker and failed to get it up and down. It wasn't a bad place to be. I didn't hit a very good chip.
I made a birdie on the 13th hole, the par-3. Hit a good shot in with a 6-iron. Made a good putt from about 25 feet.
15, I knocked it two feet.
And 17 made it from about 40 feet.

Q. Good way to finish?
TOM WATSON: And a good putt at the last. Pulled it and it went in.

Q. Three out of four rounds, Tom, you would be right there in the mix, just the one yesterday.
TOM WATSON: Yeah, my game is not very sharp right now, even though I shot 66 today. Consistency is not there. Every now and then I hit a good solid shot, but the ball is not on the club face. And I'm not catching the ball on the club face very well.

Q. Ready for a rest?
TOM WATSON: I am ready for a rest, to be honest with you. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but again, over at the British Open I didn't catch the ball on the club face very well over there.

Q. This one has been the elusive one for you, Tom. Are you going to try to keep winning it?
TOM WATSON: I hope so. If I feel capable I'll be out here. If I fell competitive I'll play.
And this is tough on the body, I can tell you that, with an eight-hour time change; it's tough here. We'll see.

Q. That's next year, right?

Q. I wanted to ask you something regarding the Greenbrier. There's been a lot of low scores there. Obviously you're not there.
TOM WATSON: Par-70. It's a short course, yeah.

Q. Stuart Appleby had a putt; he was going to be 10-under through 17. Did you see that kind of scoring?
TOM WATSON: I did, yeah. If the conditions were soft. And I think they got some rain and delay there. They got some rains. The conditions are soft, the course is going to be very accessible. They're hitting a lot of wedges in these greens.

Q. Was Bernhard the ideal guy to be in this situation today, in terms of dealing with the crowds? He's seemingly unflappable a lot of times?
TOM WATSON: I think he's on a roll. It doesn't matter if the crowd is behind Freddie or not. He's on a roll. He's playing good golf. He's a plodder, and he really makes sure that he's ready to play the shot, and he's thoroughly thought it out. It's good to be a plodder. It's good to not rush your shots like I do sometimes.
And he's very good at not making critical errors. When he does make an error he has the ability with his short game to make up for it. He's got a wonderful short game.

Q. Three pars on the front already, nice putts?
TOM WATSON: Yeah. That's (indicating.)
Q. Could be you?
TOM WATSON: I tried it one time and I left it 20 feet short and 20 feet long, and I finally got one right. I thought I'm not going to spend much time at this.

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