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August 1, 2010

Woody Austin


Q. Woody, 63. Gotta make you feel good. Wound up 15-under. That's good playing today.
WOODY AUSTIN: Thanks, yeah. First really good solid round of the year. Hopefully first top 10. You just never know. There are so many birdie holes out there. I'm just hoping that those last two will at least keep me in the top 10, because I need a big -- I'm still out of FedEx and all that, and I'm trying to work my way in.
Hopefully if it can stay top 8 or whatever, then that's gonna move me up considerably.

Q. I followed you on the back nine. Swing looks great. Ball-striking looks real good?
WOODY AUSTIN: Yeah, it's been okay. Um, the problem has been I can play about 15 holes a day, and then three holes if I make a bad swing, I pay a pretty big price. I don't get a away with my bad swings, even when I'm playing good right now.
I played good all week, but every bad swing I made -- and unfortunately I made 'em on 16 the first three days, and I played that hole 4-over. Just I got to be able to get away with the bad swings, because I'm hitting it good.
And then when the putts go in like the did on the back nine, I can shoot a good score.

Q. What's the schedule for the next few weeks?
WOODY AUSTIN: I'm still playing, because like I said, I'm not into the FedEx. I'm trying play my way into the that FedEx so I don't have a month and a half off, because I don't have a job for next year either.
Trying to do all this as much as I go I can.

Q. See you have a couple body guards over here. How old are they?
WOODY AUSTIN: Ten and twelve.

Q. They look tough.
WOODY AUSTIN: They're little pussycats.

Q. Has the family had fun here?
WOODY AUSTIN: I don't know. Ask them.

Q. Yeah, thumbs from the guys. Thanks, Woody, keep it up.
WOODY AUSTIN: No problem.

Q. What do you take away from this golf course and its qualities?
WOODY AUSTIN: I don't know, but the difference is the putts went in today. It's basically there's no major reward for driving it in the fairway or hitting it straight or solid, because it's really, the course is so short that it's just a putting contest.
Today I won the putting contest for me.

Q. (Recording in progress.) Any particular reason why all of a sudden?
WOODY AUSTIN: No, not really. I mean, I putted really good yesterday; I lipped out six times yesterday. So, you know.
And I didn't get off to a good start either day. I parred the first six holes yesterday; I parred the first six holes today. I was just moseying along until I made those two good putts in a row on 11 and 12 -- made about a 10-, 12-footer for eagle on 12, and that kind of got me going.
And then I missed a real short one on 13 to keep it going. I thought, Uh-oh, but then I made a great putt on 15 and an awesome putt on the last one.

Q. FedExCup-wise, everything-wise, this is huge.
WOODY AUSTIN: Yeah, this is huge. Like I said, I knew -- I need a solid top 10 to at least move either in or just at least get closer.
Because I've been making cuts, but I've been finishing 55th, 60th, 59th, and making no points and actually losing ground every week. Like I made the cut lat week and lost ground; I made the cut the week before and really didn't move anywhere.
This is gonna be my first real solid top 10 of the year. Hopefully it'll springboard me to where I can keep going and get my job back and play in the FedEx a little bit.

Q. Are you a guy that builds on these kind of things?
WOODY AUSTIN: You know, I'll build on the putting aspect of it. It's really hard to build too much out of this golf course because it's really -- there's really no test to this place. Nothing against the golf course, but there's no test. It's just a putting contest this week.
So I hit it solid, but this course you could have hit it anywhere. Didn't matter. You were gonna have wedges on probably half the holes. Just a matter getting the ball around the golf course and putting. That's what you saw.
When the cut is 2-under and then the third day cut of only so many guys goes up almost four shots in one day, it just goes to show, all those guys got out on good greens in the morning and putted good. That's all it is.

Q. Does this week take a little pressure off going into the rest of the season?
WOODY AUSTIN: I hope so. I hope it holds up. I mean, I think the last two birdies will keep it in the top 10. I think I needed to get there to stay in the top 10, because like I said, guys will make birdies.
So I need that to get into the top 125, and I need it Money List-wise. There are only two more tournaments for me to get into that FedEx, and I don't want a month and a half off.

Q. What did you hit into 12, Woody.

Q. What was your yardage?
WOODY AUSTIN: I had 247 front, 257 to the hole, and I hit a cut 3-wood to about, oh, twelve feet short of the hole, ten feet short of the hole.

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