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July 31, 2010

John Cook


Q. How do you feel about today's round?
JOHN COOK: I left a bunch out there, no doubt. Hit a bad shot at 9, and 8 I played okay. Hit the fairway and didn't have much -- 12 I hit a bad shot, hit it in the bunker, and 3-putted 14. I hit a good shot at 18 and didn't take that left kick, and then I had a possible chip, so that's what you get out here. I hit some good shots, didn't hit quite as good as I have been.

Q. (No microphone.)
JOHN COOK: Yeah, I hit a good shot at 18, took off right, it hung there and hit on the green and didn't get kicked off. It kicked maybe to the right and got on the fringe, but nothing. I didn't make any putts, really. I made a couple nice ups and downs and nice putt at 1, and other than that I didn't capitalize on the good opportunities. I put myself in bad positions.

Q. People are going to look at this and say it's a two-horse race, but maybe tomorrow if you could post something --
JOHN COOK: It would be tough to catch 'em, but if I can shoot 4- or 5-under like Freddy did today, it's a different game. It is out there, you just don't get it your own way. I hit a couple of shots in the wrong spots and didn't really -- I lost my momentum. I had a good thing going, just -- I had a bad lie there, made a birdie at 11, then a poor tee shot at 12. So I started to get it back and 3-putt 14, missed 15 and 16, I could have been up there closer, but --

Q. Maybe you got it all out of your system?
JOHN COOK: I feel good about my play. I get it, I know what to do, you just have to be really tidy tomorrow.

Q. Be tidy.
JOHN COOK: Thanks.

Q. (No microphone.)
JOHN COOK: I saw him but didn't talk to him.

Q. What about these two playing in front of you tomorrow?
JOHN COOK: Couldn't be a better scenario for the tournament and for the area. That doesn't mean we can't go out and shoot 65 or '6 and steal one. They might get wrapped up in that whole thing, and next thing you know somebody from behind when nobody is paying attention. It's happened before, it could certainly happen here; get the ball in the wrong spot a couple of times and it's tough to finish.
You've got to be flawless and make a couple of putts and you just have to be flawless. If you're that way, you can get there.

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