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July 31, 2010

Jeff Overton


DOUG MILNE: Like to welcome Jeff Overton. Jeff, struggles really, take us through those and then how you closed out today, and then we'll take some questions.
JEFF OVERTON: Just kind of a weird start. Didn't really hit it that bad. Just kind of flubbed a couple chips and hit decent putts. They just kind of, I don't know, they just kind of bounced around the hole out there. Seemed like the first seven or eight holes the greens are really beat up.
But I played well. I missed some putts early, and then a whole bunch of putts kind of fell in late for me late, fortunately. It was good to see a couple putts go in.
DOUG MILNE: Questions.

Q. You were talking about traffic on the greens causing a little bit of difficulty with the putting late in the day. Is that common everywhere, or is that something that's...
JEFF OVERTON: It's pretty common. I think just it's a little the greens are so new here that the base hasn't quite come in completely the way it could. I think next year this place will be awesome. I don't think it'll be a problem.
It's just the greens are still just a little new. And just a couple of 'em. It's not like it's every one. It's just a couple here and there.

Q. Did what D.A. did out there affect your play at all?
JEFF OVERTON: You know, I didn't even really know what he was doing. Then I looked up, and if anything, I might have helped me. I was like, Jeez, what are you doing here, Jeff? Start off playing so crappy, and then here he is three shots up. I'm like, All right we got to get something going here and kind of buckled in and made some putts.
And then I didn't have anything idea he doubled 17. I just found this out a little bit ago. He was playing some unbelievable golf to be 11-under going in there. That's unfortunate.
Oh, he bogeyed it? Okay.

Q. But still.

Q. Like you said, you had struggled a little bit early. How tough is it to have a later tee time? Because it's not like you're sleeping in until noon. You're getting up at a regular time, which makes it a 13-, 14-hour day.
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, I mean, it's one, a half dozen in the other. But it definitely makes it tougher just because the greens, I mean, every place you play the greens are a little bit more bumpy.
That's what I think is amazing about Tiger, some of the stressors he's had with all those wins, he's playing in the final group and with these bumpy greens, and he's just pulling in from everywhere. It doesn't phase him. That's what we got to get to.

Q. Looking ahead to next year in this tournament, should the Greenbrier make any change in the Old White Course, or just keep it the same?
JEFF OVERTON: I think it's an awesome place, awesome setup. You know, it's really neat. We don't really get to play too many golf courses like this where if you really your driver going you can hit some wedges in.
At the same time, I mean, there are some penalizing spots. If you hit it in the wrong spots out there, you can get into some serious trouble.

Q. You mentioned the greens should be better next year than they...
JEFF OVERTON: I think just naturally I think they're gonna be. They're not that bad. Just like I said, there are just a few of 'em.

Q. You started out a couple over, and you look and sometimes you see the scoreboard. You mentioned yesterday the scores that are available, the other guys are going, J.B. shoots 60. When did you figure after you looked at D.A., you say, I've gotta get it going because everybody else is doing this and it's the same golf course. Finally all of a sudden you start coming up with a 66. When did you feel like you turned it around out there?
JEFF OVERTON: You know, I was hitting some good shots. You know, I missed a little five-footer on 2 and missed a two and a half, three-footer on 5 and missed a couple other little birdie putts. I was playing good, it's just I was putting awful.
You know, I hit a couple arrogant shots, but got lucky and they weren't in too bad a spots. And, you know, then out on 8, the par-3, I saw the leaderboard. There was a board there, and I was like, Jeez, D.A. is lighting it up. I knew that he might get it to 17 under. I knew that's probably about as low as he would go.
I was sitting there thinking, We need to make a few birdies to come in to at least hang in here with him. We made a putt, and that was really key when that putt fell in for me on 8.
And then 9 and 10, I just kind of didn't quite birdie those after being in really great spots. But we were able to just kind of fight out a kind of tough beginning of the day and hit some really great shots and putts coming down the last nine holes.

Q. In your round of 62, it was noted that there was only one green into which you didn't hit a wedge. Today were there any greens into which you didn't hit a wedge, and which were they?
JEFF OVERTON: Obviously the par-3s, they're too long. But, um, oh, man. I can't even think. I think there was one somewhere. Actually, I might not even have had a 9-iron in.
You know what? I did. I had about -- on No. 11, I think -- not No. 11. What hole was that? Oh, it was one of the longer holes. Yeah, 11. Hang on.
Yeah, 11 I hit it over there to the right and almost hit it out of bounds. Got real lucky. I had like 150. I don't think I would have hit pitching wedge in there today. It was into the wind.
I mean, it's a 477-yard hole. It's not like's a short, easy hole or anything. If you hit it down the right side and get into the bunker, it's not an easy hole.
It's just one of those things that if the fairways get firm like they are and the greens get soft, the guy that hits it 315 off the tee winds up hitting it 330 and has 150 yards into a softer green.
If you miss the fairway you got nothing. It's tough, so...

Q. Obviously you probably answered this already. We had a 61 today; you go low as well. What's it gonna take on Sunday to take home this tournament? What do you think score-wise?
JEFF OVERTON: A good round. You got to play well. I mean, somebody that's 12-under right now, I don't know how many guys there are, but I'm sure one of those guys are gonna shoot 65 or better as least.
D.A., I'm sure he's probably itching to go shoot something low after kind of messing up on 17. There's gonna be some good scores tomorrow, and it's gonna take a good score to win.
DOUG MILNE: Thank you, Jeff. Good luck tomorrow.

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