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July 31, 2010

Peter Senior


Q. Nice job.
PETER SENIOR: Thank you very much. Got off to a fairly good start, had a couple of birdies, couple of bogeys on the front nine and made a bunch of pars and all of the sudden dropped two nice birdies to finish with, 17 and 18.

Q. (No microphone.)
PETER SENIOR: 16, I had a 5-, 6-footer behind the hole but a putt that you couldn't give a guy because you go the same distance past.
But all in all happy with the day.

Q. How are you standing physically with the three events in a row?
PETER SENIOR: Not a problem. I thought I might struggle more mentally than physically but everything has been pretty good, I sort of paced myself a little bit, we got some good weather the second week so it wasn't as daunting as normal but this week has been fantastic, it's been a joy to be here.

Q. Your birthday today, you played well on your birthday?
PETER SENIOR: I played really well today, hit a lot of good shots. I had a lot of opportunity to shoot a good score but the greens are difficult to read and I hit a lot of good putts. And most of the guys out there have been hitting good putts and they're not going in, but if you can shoot under par on the course you're happy with the day.

Q. Looked like the greens maybe are more receptive today?
PETER SENIOR: I would say 80% of the greens were more soft than they were yesterday, there was a couple, No. 10 and 14, they were the only two really, really hard ones out there but you could pretty much stop anything out there today.

Q. Do you expect your position to hold up or do you think the leaders will go lower?
PETER SENIOR: It's a difficult finish, you never know what can happen in the last three or four holes, but if I'm 5 or 6 shots behind you never know in this game. If I come out and hole a few putts I might have a shot at it.

Q. (No microphone.)
PETER SENIOR: I find the colors distracting, a little patchy. I find it very hard to visualize a line when there are so many different -- I look at a pitch and when I get over it I think, was that the pitch I was looking at? But the greens are rolling good and the only way to play the greens is have 'em hard and fast.

Q. How do you adjust your game to a more narrow course?
PETER SENIOR: You hit it straighter. (Laughter.) There is no adjusting, you can take a chance out here on this course. If you go with driver you can shorten up the second shots and get a little bit of spin when they start tucking the pins behind the hills, but if you start going with a 3-wood and leaving yourself 4- or 5-irons in, you're not going to hold the green. It's a bit of risk and reward but if you're offline you're going to give yourself a penalty.

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