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July 31, 2010

Jimmy Walker


Q. You were awfully consistent. You have to be pleased.
JIMMY WALKER: I was happy. I played really well today. I hit it really good. I just couldn't get any putts to go. A lot of lip-outs early.
I only got a few to drop on the back, but kept hitting it good all day.

Q. Jeff is playing awfully well. What do you think, if you go low tomorrow there's still an opportunity to win this thing?
JIMMY WALKER: Yeah, everybody is gonna have to play really good to catch him. You expect him to play well, so you gotta go -- you know, make a bunch of birdies and just see what happens. You know, make a bunch of putts tomorrow, and you never know.

Q. You're limping a little bit. Tell us about that.
JIMMY WALKER: Gosh, I was playing yesterday, and on the third hole today my knee just started hurting. I was standing on the green, and it just start kind of clicking got just kind of got worse.
This morning -- got treatment on it all yesterday, and then this morning it just was kind of the same. Just really hurting. It doesn't hurt to swing, it's just getting to the ball is kind of hard, and bending down was hard early.
But it felt like it really loosened up a little there at the at the end. I felt on about No. 12 if really started to feel a lot better and I had more mobility like walking and bending and squatting down and reading putts. That was hard early.

Q. You did play well late. Good luck tomorrow, okay?
JIMMY WALKER: Thanks a lot.

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