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July 31, 2010

Erik Compton


ERIK COMPTON: Well, high 60s out here don't cut it. It was a frustrating day. You know, both days I've started off with birdie, and just haven't put anything together.
I'm driving the ball really good. My iron play was I would say average. I had a lot long putts for birdie. Unfortunately, we get into that little rain swell there on 12, and couldn't each the green in two. I couldn't get up-and-down on 17. Just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.

Q. You have been driving it well, though. I was following you today, and you're sneaky long. You get it out there when you want to, don't you?
ERIK COMPTON: Oh, I don't know. Mostly guys are hitting it by me. But, um, you know, I just wish I was a little bit sharper with some of my shorter irons. I had a lot of shorter irons into the greens.
I feel like if you're out here par 66, you know, even though -- I guess the average score had to have been 66 today at least. That's the way I feel. But I'm just -- I just didn't shoot the number that I was hoping.
But, you know, when you get hot rounds, you could come out and make ten birdies. I've only made six birdies in two rounds, so that's frustrating.

Q. Talk about tomorrow now. What are the goals? What's the game plan?
ERIK COMPTON: Well, I think tomorrow, I mean, you know, I think I just need to relax a little bit more. It's hard, because I'm trying to force in birdies, you know, to try to win.
I think right now I'm pretty far back. I just need to go out and have a round like J.B. had tomorrow. Just got to get hot.

Q. Keep it going.

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