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July 31, 2010

Gonzalo Fernandez Castano


Q. What happened on 18?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Well, I didn't hit the right shot, and it wasn't the right club, either. I got a little bit confused with the wind. I thought it was hurting a bit and it wasn't, and I pulled it, and, well, you've seen the rest.

Q. Still, 10-under par, you played very solidly all day.
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Yeah, very solid. I feel quite confident with my game today. I played a solid round of golf. I wasn't very accurate off the tee, but this is not a course that pun punishes bad driving. So which you if he can if he can avoid the trees which is the main thing, I think my iron game was solid, and so was my putting. So very happy.
There's a lot of guys there with a chance of winning, so I'm looking forward to it. I think it's going to be fun.

Q. Tell me about today; still good?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Yeah, very happy with my round. I played solid. That bogey at the third woke me up a bit. I saw it was going to be very tough today especially those holes by the lake. I played well three to green and my putting was consistent, too. That bogey on the last, obviously very disappointing but hopefully tomorrow I can birdie that hole and get one back.

Q. You know I would not normally ask about a negative, but when it's at the finish like that and such a high-profile position --
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: It's a shame, because you can't recover after that, you have to go to bed thinking about that shot all day. Just bad position. The shot was good. The shot was definitely left of the flag, which is not the place to be today, but I got a bit confused with the wind but still carried more and hit a four instead of a five. Then when I went back, I hit a five and it still was long, and I made a two-club mistake. Those things happen.

Q. The wind is tricky and the first time it's really bit.
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: It is tricky. It's a course that you have to use your head and you have to think a lot where you want to leave your shots to the green and depending on the pin positions, you can get very tricky second shots. So it's fun to play with this wind. That's why it's fun to play when you come to Ireland.

Q. And your position is fine, given whatever Ross does in the last couple of holes, you're in a good place?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: Yeah, absolutely. If you had asked me before the week started if I wanted to be in that situation, I would have taken it, so, yeah, I'm happy to be where I am.

Q. Chris Wood was talking about the circus out there playing alongside Rory; what was it like playing alongside Pádraig Harrington?
GONZALO FERNANDEZ-CASTAÑO: It was very good, fantastic, the Irish crowds, they have to be the best crowds in the world, not only supporting Paddy out there but helping me out. It was good. It was great fun.
It's great to get big crowds as you do here, big crowds in Sweden, The Open, French Open, tournaments that you know that you're going to be excited about going out there and just getting the support of the people. It was a great feeling.

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