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July 31, 2010

Chris Wood


Q. Six shots behind a very in-form Ross Fisher; what was your attitude going out?
CHRIS WOOD: I mean, I sort of felt like I wanted to get some momentum, and depending on how Ross played today, see where it put me but I was kind of a bit of a slow start. Took me a few holes to get used to the amount of people following us around, and, yeah, it was pretty crazy, but yeah, I hit a great shot into the 6th and really got going there.

Q. How was the atmosphere out there playing with Rory?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, it struck me a little bit by surprise the first few holes. There was police walking around with you, and it's got to be tough for him, really. Seemed like the whole country turned out to support him. There's obviously a lot of expectation on him. You know, that's one of the main attractions of this tournament.

Q. You made five birdies in a row from the 5th, what's going through your mind on a run like that?
CHRIS WOOD: I was hitting really, really nice shots, and the putts, that's given me a lot of confidence and it's sort of gone through the rest of my game. You know, the putting was definitely good for confidence.

Q. Saturday is moving day and you certainly did that?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, needed to today with the lead that Ross had overnight. He's still got a nice, healthy lead, two or three shots, but given myself half a chance for tomorrow.

Q. You were coming nicely until 5 and then you just grabbed ahold of it by the scruff of the neck.
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, obviously took me a few holes to get it right, and the atmosphere, it was difficult to get used to. Large crowd for Rory and most of the support was for him.

Q. Do you think you'll need another big one tomorrow?
CHRIS WOOD: Yeah, depends what Ross does, he has 16 to come and a good chance for a birdie there on the par 5, but 18 is no easy par. See what he does the last few holes.

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