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July 31, 2010

Stuart Appleby


Q. Stuart, good shooting today. 5-under 65, 11-under par. Talk about your 18 today.
STUART APPLEBY: Well, it was a bit of a clinic D.A. put on for me and everyone else here watching. I played with Steve Stricker a few weeks ago at the John Deere. The first two rounds it was a putting clinic. D.A. did the same thing. I sort of was in his jet stream for a while, but then fell out the back.
Yesterday should have been something like that as well. The course is receptive. There's not enough going on to sort of stall you at par. You have to go down; you have to go deep.
D.A. did that today, and I think the same story again tomorrow.

Q. With Paul Goydos a month ago, you played Steve Stricker. When these guys are flirting with 59 and you're playing with 'em, do you talk to 'em? Every guy is different out here. How did you approach it with D.A. today?
STUART APPLEBY: Well, I think D.A. had it all worked out. He hit driver down 17, driver, 3-wood, I guess, off the tee. But he was thinking it would be a good opportunity to shoot super low and break something into the 50s. Why not?
And he tried, but, you know, you just got to -- you enjoy rounds like that. The game is easy. The line comes at you, the club comes at you, you feel good, and you spend the rest of your career trying to create something like that.
I don't think he'll be disappointed. He'll be encouraged by what he's done today, you know, to finish the year off.

Q. Let's talk about you and Sunday's round. You're 4 back. He's 15-under; you're 11, and he was 8 back when the day started today, so you never know.
STUART APPLEBY: Well, absolutely. It is receptive, the course, so you're gonna have to shoot something in the mid-60s or better. You know, just depends on what the leaders do. It's not difficult enough out there to stall. If you're not under par, you're not even close to playing any good.
Tomorrow, see what happens. Gonna be good shooting out there. I think you'll see a lot of guys going reasonably deep, and that'll be competitive enough to shake it at the top.

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