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July 31, 2010

Justin Leonard


Q. Justin, 5-under 65. Nice playing out there.

Q. Comments on the day.
JUSTIN LEONARD: You know, hit it close on 1, about six or eight feet, and made that. Then had a bunch of chances the next few holes, but couldn't get any putts to go in.
Made a good birdie at 9 to make the turn, and then hit a bad drive at 11 and made a bogey. Then played really well after that, making four birdies.
Had a good chance there at 18 that slipped by, but I'm pleased with today.

Q. Nice one on No. 15 today, too. Take us through that one.
JUSTIN LEONARD: Yeah, the tees were up there a little bit, and you guys were hiding that pin behind the bunker. I hit it about 15 feet -- or 20 feet -- and made a nice putt.

Q. Talk about you overall impressions so far three rounds into the Greenbrier Classic of the area.
JUSTIN LEONARD: Yeah, it's -- I think we've left the resort one time, and that was to the family barbecue right across the street. So we're having a great time.
I think all the guys really are enjoying the golf course. All the things that there are to do here for families and everything, we've been very well-received by everybody. So it's been a great week.

Q. 65 today. Gonna take that or even more probably tomorrow. Just comment on what's promising to be a shootout.
JUSTIN LEONARD: Yeah, just trying to -- I would love to go out and shoot another low round tomorrow, and not necessarily trying to win the golf tournament, but just kind of keep the progress that I've made this week going and carry that into the next couple weeks.

Q. Do you think word of mouth is gonna make this tournament bigger, brighter, bigger names next year with the entire field just about coming back? Do you think it's gonna be challenging to get into this tournament in years to come?
JUSTIN LEONARD: Well, I think word of mouth is gonna spread on how great the golf course is what a fun place this is to be for families and everything. Being kind of close to when school starts back, I think word of mouth will spread, and you'll see a lot of guys coming back here next year.

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