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July 31, 2010

Matt Kuchar


MATT KUCHAR: Oh, I was nice to tee off at 8:00 this morning. It was just perfect out. Always looked like this course you could make a lot of birdies. This morning, I was lucky to make so the putts and made a bunch of birdies. So I think one of many people making a lot birdies today.

Q. Yeah, I talked to Derek earlier, and said he felt like a 15-under might be out there.
MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, yeah, could be. With a par 70, there's a lot of opportunities. You hit wedges in there. The greens are putting beautifully early this morning. Couple reachable par-5s on the back, so we may see a 59 by the time the day is over.

Q. Did you sort of feel like you needed to take advantage? You made the cut on the number, I think.
MATT KUCHAR: Yeah, who knows. Maybe there's a Carl Pettersson out there. He gives us all hope.

Q. Tell me a little bit about how it's playing. Not too windy?
MATT KUCHAR: Wasn't windy at all this morning at 8:00. It was just dead perfect. It was nice. No humidity. The ball was still going a long way. Course was soft. It was fun to play, especially if you were making putts. I saw a lot of putts go in today.

Q. Any particular part of your game carry from today?
MATT KUCHAR: I'm hitting it well this week and struggling with the putter until today. Made a lot of putts the last couple days that were frustrating on the greens.
Today I walk off happy after the way I putted.

Q. Was there anything you did to change?
MATT KUCHAR: No, no. Just one of those things. I birdied the last hole yesterday to make the cut. Made an 8-footer. Saw the putt go in and thought maybe things were gonna go my way. They did.

Q. How far is too far back to potentially come from behind tomorrow?
MATT KUCHAR: I think the way Jeff Overton is playing, I think any bit back is too far back. Jeff's playing great. Yeah, I think the rest of us will hope to have a good tournament.

Q. But the way the courses is playing...
MATT KUCHAR: You could shoot 57 and still may not be enough the way Jeff Overton is playing. He's certainly gonna make a lot of birdies.
Just one of those things. I don't think you could make enough birdies to catch 'em.

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