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July 30, 2010

Tom Watson


Q. A good fight?
TOM WATSON: I played okay today. I had a lot of opportunities for birdies. I had opportunities for birdies in the 15-foot range, a lot of those. I didn't make any, but -- and I got a really good break at 17. I hit a bad shot. It was going to go in the water and stuck, buried in the bank, just outside the hazard, literally, an eighth of an inch outside the hazard, buried in there, and I got a drop and ended up making bogey.
But that was -- it was this far from going in the hazard. Had a good break this week. Last week I had it this far from the hazard at 18 and I dumped it in the hazard at Carnoustie. Things even out.

Q. What happened? Did you guys go back and look at that?
TOM WATSON: Well, we determined that he did not cause the ball to move. And he hadn't addressed it. And that's the determination.

Q. No harm, no foul?
TOM WATSON: Right. And that was the ruling.

Q. And he didn't cause the ball to move?
TOM WATSON: He put the putter head that far behind the ball with the intent to put the putter head right behind the ball. Balls move sometimes on greens like this, and just didn't stop.

Q. Who stepped in there? You were asking about the situation like you might want to get a ruling?
TOM WATSON: Yeah, I asked the guy to come over to talk them through the ruling there, and asked them whether he had addressed the ball. And he said no, he put the putter head six inches behind the ball like that, with the intent to put the putter head behind the ball and tap it in.

Q. What do you think of the rule, itself? I know it's been around forever. I think it's the dumbest ruling of all.
TOM WATSON: About what?

Q. If the ball moves when you address it and you've done nothing to make it move?
TOM WATSON: Well, you've -- something caused the ball to move. And -- something caused the ball to move, gravity, that ball lipped out like that, stood still like that, and then decided it was going to move back. And the force of putting the putter head behind the ball, did that make the ball move? I don't think so.

Q. You mentioned a lot of 15-footers for birdies?
TOM WATSON: I did. That's pretty good on this golf course, yeah. I had it around the hole a lot today. It's a lot of opportunities. It was a good day.

Q. Did you switch back to the blade this week or last week?

Q. This week?
TOM WATSON: This week, I did.

Q. Put --
TOM WATSON: I haven't used those for a while. I used a putter that Howard Twitty designed, I've used that for a while. And I kind of like this putter, it reminds me of the old Ping Pal that I used to use. It's got a good feel and good weight to it.

Q. What brand?
TOM WATSON: This is an Odyssey. I can't tell you the -- it's All Black, the Black Series. But it's a Ping knock off.

Q. Are you happy with how you're hitting it?
TOM WATSON: Yeah, it's fair to say that it will be nice to have made just a few more putts and I'm right in the tournament with the score that I've shot. And I'm still keeping the ball in play pretty well off the tee. Not as well today as yesterday. I really kept the ball in play off the tee nicely yesterday. Today I missed a few more fairways. But I'm getting the ball in play. That's what you have to do here.
As I said at the press conference on Wednesday you've got to hit the ball in play here. It's narrow off the tee. If you don't get it off the tee, you're going to be clack, clack, clack, you know, I hit some clackers today, hit the trees. You'll hit those trees out there. You never know, I got a really good break on -- see, how many trees did I hit? I hit three trees today. And I got a real good break at the 11th hole, I pulled it and hit the tree and knocked it out in the fairway. And so that was a par-5. I laid up nicely and then hit a pretty good shot in there. That's the key, put the ball in play.

Q. You're playing with a rock star, is that energizing?
TOM WATSON: Yeah, he's got a crowd following him, doesn't he? Loud. "Come on Freddie. In the hole."

Q. Almost felt like a regular major-sized gallery.
TOM WATSON: It was. They were ten deep out there. That was great.

Q. I asked Tom Watson the same thing, when you look at the leaderboard, what do you see?
TOM WATSON: Well, I see I'm three shots behind. That's all I see.

Q. Some pretty good players bunched around there.
TOM WATSON: Some good players, but the key is I'm three shots behind.

Q. It's about 3 or 4 a.m. back in England. Is the body clock coming around?
TOM WATSON: Actually I was in pretty good shape today. I went back to sleep and slept until 7:00 today which yesterday I couldn't do. I'm in better shape today.

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