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July 30, 2010

John Cook


Q. Went pretty well for you?
JOHN COOK: I kept the ball in play for the most part. You don't do that around here, you might as well just move on. I hit a lot of fairways. And the ones I missed were first cuts, so they were fine. I really never had an out-of-play.
I hit three bad iron shots, but other than that, I hit some really quality iron shots. I made a couple of nice putts but hit it close for three holes in a row, just binge, binge, binge, on the front side.
Like I said, I kept my ball where I could hit the next one, didn't have to chip out.

Q. A birdie on the 8th?
JOHN COOK: I hit a nice 3-wood off that. I made a silly bogey on 7 with a 9-iron from the middle of the fairway. Really didn't hit a bad shot, just got a bad -- 8 was a good one. I hit 3-wood and 5-iron. Hit a real quality 5-iron up there about 15 feet and made it. But then came back and didn't hit a very good shot at No. 9, made a bogey. Not a good way to end, but 68 in a U.S. Open is not so bad. I'm very happy with that.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JOHN COOK: No, no. Not in my lifetime. I've seen those funny paintings, and it looks a little bit like that. But, yeah, it certainly will test you. There's no mystery, you have to shape the ball and you have to put the ball in the fairway. It doesn't really matter where, you just have to put it in the fairway. You know that going in. Like I said, U.S. Open courses there's no mysteries. Last week there was a little bit of a mystery, because the bunkers were everywhere. You could hardly miss them.
Here there's no mystery, you just have to put the ball in the fairway and then you have to hit quality iron shots with the right trajectory and distance. Otherwise, like I said, you might as well just pack up and go, because it will eat you alive.

Q. (Question about jet lag.)
JOHN COOK: I'm pretty close. I was -- yeah, Tuesday, Wednesday weren't real good. Yesterday was okay, but I got some sleep last night. So I'm pretty close to schedule. I'm pretty close.

Q. Even for guys that didn't go over to Scotland, how much of a challenge here is every shot?
JOHN COOK: Yeah, you can lose your patience here easily if you're not careful. But there's no mystery, you just have to hit quality shots. If you don't, you have to accept the circumstances, whatever you get. If you don't hit a good shot you're going to accept that consequence, and it could be pretty bad.

Q. (Inaudible.)
JOHN COOK: Yeah, yeah, definitely. Yeah, at our age your mind tends to wander a little (laughter). If your mind wanders here it will grab you. The last couple of holes here on the front side are tough. The last couple of holes on the backside are tough. And you have to have your energy. If your energy is low, you're going to have a tough finish.

Q. When you look at the leaderboard what do you see?
JOHN COOK: Well, obviously Bernhard is one of our top guys. He just came off a big win. He'll be the guy to beat, you know. But like I said, you have to hit quality shots. And if you can keep doing that and put a little pressure on it at some point, you never know.
But Bernhard is one of our better players, obviously, and he'll be tough to catch. He goes about his business the way he wants to and doesn't -- really doesn't waiver. So we have to go get him. We have to be patient. This is a patient place. There's not a lot of pins you can go at here. It may look that we're playing to the fats of the greens, that's what we're doing, you can't shoot at these pins. You take your medicine from the middle of the greens. You can putt from -- to any pin from any middle of the green here. Until we have to change game plans, that's pretty much the game plan. You're kind of handcuffed. You really can't do a whole lot. So you just keep plugging away and you'll be fine.

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