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July 30, 2010

Olin Browne


OLIN BROWNE: I played with 13 clubs today.

Q. (No microphone.)
OLIN BROWNE: Pitching wedge, the one I needed on five shots today. . I played around it on a couple of holes and then when I needed it, I played my 54-degree sand wedge and played it back of my stance and slugged it and I made birdie twice with it, so it worked out.

Q. Try it with 12 tomorrow.
OLIN BROWNE: Maybe, maybe.

Q. When you said you worked around it --
OLIN BROWNE: From the tee, for example, on 10 I knew if I hit the club that I hit yesterday it would be in the pitching wedge zone so I backed off the club and hit a 9-iron, and it worked out fine.
It's not the most successful pin there anyway, so -- but I think I had wedge in my hand on -- would have wanted a wedge in my hand on 2, 4, let's see, 15, 14, and one other one I can't remember, so, worked out.

Q. Did the loss of the club cause you to knuckle down a little bit more and --
OLIN BROWNE: No, it's just -- you have to think -- it's another variable that you've got to put in the equation and it wasn't that big of a deal. This golf course is so hard that you probably are not shooting at more than four or five pins today anyway, if that many. You're playing to spots and playing to 20 feet and just trying to give yourself as many greens in regulation that you can. And if you happen to make a 20-footer like I did on 1, I had a 7-iron into the green and I played it pin-high and had an 18 to 25-footer and it's just one of those kind of deals, I made the putt so --

Q. What about your wrist?
OLIN BROWNE: It's not really an injury, there is a jumble of stuff in there that gets out of whack every now and then and needs support. Playing over across the pond last week where the fairways are so firm if you hit a lot of balls it can get sore and this course is pretty firm, too.

Q. Are you okay on the time change?
OLIN BROWNE: Yeah, you know, picking up the direction -- going this direction is easier. If we had been going that way and had an 8-hour time change going that way I might have missed my tee time.

Q. Your club missed the tee time?
OLIN BROWNE: Yeah, my club missed the tee time. Fortunately it wasn't a driver. I've hit a lot of hybrids off the tees, and I'm glad it wasn't one of those -- the wedge -- it's not a long course and it's playing short but the difference between a sand wedge and a 9-iron is not that big of a deal so thinking about what kind of club I want to hit in and what I want to hit off the tee.

Q. They're trying to fix it and if they can't what are you going to do?
OLIN BROWNE: Just play with 13, I don't have another one. There will be -- Seattle is a big city, I'm sure they've got somebody who can put that thing together, I'll find it, not a big deal.

Q. So you'll give you us your exploits of driving around Seattle looking for a --
OLIN BROWNE: Maybe, maybe. You know, I mean, look, it gives me a gap issue, I can hit my 9-iron as little as 120 yards, I can hit my gap wedges, maybe 125, my gap wedge 110, so I got to deal with that 15-yard range, hopefully it's not that big of a deal.
It does become a problem when you get a tight pin and these greens as firm as they are you may want to hit a full shot but we'll see what happens.

Q. Good round, huh?
OLIN BROWNE: Yeah, thanks, appreciate it.

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