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July 30, 2010

Chris Stroud


Q. Chris, I thought you had the low round of the tournament. Good look there at 18.
CHRIS STROUD: I hit a great putt. I think I missed by a little bit on the other side of the hole. Looked like it just wasn't gonna break, so I played a little left. Just didn't hit enough speed.
Played beautifully all day. Playing with Brendon and Brandt was a pleasure today. It was great to see -- Brandt is I think No.1 on the Tour in putting, so it's great to see him putt; and then Brendon is just striking it great.
So I felt like I was just kind of riding their tails hanging on, and ended up a great way to play for me.

Q. Yeah, I followed you guys most of the day. For you, you drove it well, your iron play was great, and you putted good. There really wasn't anything to complain about.
CHRIS STROUD: First time I've hit that driver today, so I'm very happy about that driver. Matt, one of reps from PING gave meet this new driver, and I hit it great today. Very happy with that. I think that really helped my score.
Didn't really have any chance to make a bogey, I think maybe one or two times today. After that, it was just smooth sailing. So I just kind of took it easy and kept giving myself looks, and putted great.

Q. Obviously a lot confidence now. You get to sleep late and get ready for tomorrow.
CHRIS STROUD: That's right. A l lot of rest; the weather is beautiful. I'm just happy to be here.

Q. Great playing.
CHRIS STROUD: Thank you, Doug.

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