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July 30, 2010

Larry Mize


Q. I watched the video and people say it's 140 yard chip --
LARRY MIZE: It's -- they called it 140 feet, it's about 100 feet. Let's get it right, now. 100 feet.

Q. Okay. (Inaudible.)
LARRY MIZE: I'm not sure how it came up to 140 yards. I'm off to the right side of the green, yeah. They talk about it being 140 feet. And after they asked me and I said that's fine, I didn't care. But somebody said they walked it off and they said it's about 100 feet. The chip in at Augusta. I'd call it a pitch and run.

Q. That was your sand wedge?
LARRY MIZE: That was my sand wedge.

Q. Did you use your sand wedge today?
LARRY MIZE: Did I use it today? When the greens were that hard, I thought anything less loft would come in there too hot. It's not that unusual for Augusta, yeah.

Q. These greens bear any resemblance to Augusta, being that they're hard and they're roly-poly like that.
LARRY MIZE: They will some. They've got the mounds around the greens, they stick pins in there, and if you don't have it toward the center, if you are one way too much left or right, you have some really hard putts coming in. In some ways you can get some harder putts here than at Augusta at the same time. But it's just different. I guess there could be some similarities, but I don't think too much of Augusta greens here. But these greens can be very difficult.

Q. Would you take a round, here, that you're in the middle of every green?
LARRY MIZE: In the middle of every green would not be bad. Obviously you may want to put it in some different spots, but some of these pins to me you can't really shoot at them, according to what club you have hitting in. So the middle of every green would not be bad.

Q. You won a couple of weeks ago?

Q. I'm wondering up until then what you had been working on and what's continuing to work for you now?
LARRY MIZE: You know, I think it's just a continual work-in-progress. I mean I was still trying to get my swing -- always trying to get our swings better. And I think, you know, maybe staying in my posture a little better, if I had to pick one thing, staying in my posture was better, in Montreal. And I've been working hard on my putting to keep my hands good and firm. Those were the two things that I came up with from Montreal.
Obviously I putted better today. Too many squirrely shots out there. But all in all it's not bad and we'll get it on the weekend. Those would be the two things, just trying to continue good play.

Q. How close is a Senior major to the grind in a regular major?
LARRY MIZE: For us it's back-to-back. That's the hard thing. We were in Scotland last week, and all the way to Seattle this week. That's the hardest thing, having the two of them back-to-back. Other than that, it's obviously a regular U.S. Open would be a tougher golf -- would be even tougher. It's all relative for us. It's a grind. It's tough out there. You've got to really hit some good shots and a bogey or a double bogey is right around the corner out there. That's what The Open is. It is a tough grind for Bernhard to win last week, and come back here and continue to play well. The biggest thing is to get rest, but it is impressive what he's doing.

Q. You were 3-under at one point in the round?
LARRY MIZE: Yeah. 4-under at one point, yeah. Talk about -- well, I got off to a good start at No. 10, I made a long putt for birdie, about a 30-footer for birdie there. And I hit two good shots into 13 and 14 and made about a couple of ten-footers there. And then I made a nice 25-footer at 17. So I got some birdies going. And I turned and made nice birdie at 2 from about eight feet and then made about a 15-footer at 3 for birdie and then the birdies ran out and that was it.

Q. Probably the most regrettable shot was the short putt on 8, was it about two feet?
LARRY MIZE: No, that was about four or five feet. And I putted well. That was not one of my better putts. I just let it leak off to the right and sure enough it's gone, there.
But I kind of messed up on the 8th hole, but you just kind of -- I don't like it, you have to shrug it off and keep plugging.

Q. Knowing the field on this course, can you win this?
LARRY MIZE: Well, I believe I can, yeah. Obviously I've got to play really good this weekend. I don't know what's leading, is Bernhard 3? Bruce hasn't teed off yet. I think I made it, let's put it that way. So I've got to come out this weekend and play well and see what happens.

Q. That was your turning point in Montreal, first victory as a Senior?
LARRY MIZE: Yeah, obviously you work hard to win and it does a lot for your confidence to get over that hurdle and for me I hadn't won in a long time so to get that win was a pretty big deal for me. It's definitely -- I'll try to continue that on.

Q. (Inaudible.)
LARRY MIZE: Yeah, that's always going to follow me, but that's okay, there are worst things that could follow me than that, how is that?

Q. You're living in Columbus now?
LARRY MIZE: Columbus, Georgia.

Q. And you play piano?
LARRY MIZE: I hadn't done too much with that recently. I need to get back to it. I started back in the early '90s, and around 2000 when I had the shoulder injury I kind of fizzled out and I need to get that going, not much now. You don't want me playing at the Christmas party. I'm more of a piano in the shower kind of guy.

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