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July 30, 2010

Jonathan Bartlett


Q. Jonathan, nicely done on a gorgeous day. Good day to sell some real estate.
JONATHAN BARTLETT: Yeah, it is. It was a great round, ended up being a great round. The front nine -- I mean, really played well on the front nine. I think I had 18 putts on the front nine, which is -- you know, you just can't score that way.
But I just hung in there. Just kind of just went for it, and then I started putting a little better on the back side and holed a few putts. Next thing you know, I get it back to even.
I probably hit the best 3-wood shot I've hit, I don't know, maybe in my life, on 17. Had like 265, and I can't apply it there, so the gap between the two bunkers is maybe 15 yards.
I mean, I just flushed it and it landed in between 'em and it rolled up there about, I don't know, 20 feet or so and two-putted.
And then on 18 I'm thinking I have to have one more. Hit a good shot in there and didn't hit a good putt. But all in, all, I'm happy with the day.

Q. Pressure-wise, you won the state amateur championship; you've played professionally. How did this last couple days fit in on the pressure-meter?
JONATHAN BARTLETT: Right, I mean, see it's a little different for me. Probably Matt and Roger said, This guy is freaking out. Because, I mean, I was taking size and yardages twice.
To me, winning the golf tournament is making the cut. These guys, they're here to win the tournament. I'm here to make the cut. If I make the cut, I feel like I've won the golf tournament.
So I felt a lot pressure the last few holes. I take a lot confidence in my golf going forward, even though I don't play a whole lot competitively.
But I hit a lot of good shots down the stretch. I wish I would have putted a little bit better. But all in all, 68; I'm 2-under. Pretty good shape for the cut.
Hopefully the afternoon -- I don't want to wish bad on other players, but obviously I'd like to see John Bartlett play on Saturday and Sunday, you know.

Q. You know people who could make the wind blow a little more here in the afternoon.
JONATHAN BARTLETT: Yeah, he has the money.

Q. Mr. Justice could make that happen for you, huh?
JONATHAN BARTLETT: He probably has a direct line, I mean, all I know. Yeah, exactly.

Q. You played professionally a little bit coming out of college. Does this get the juices going again? Make you think, Maybe I ought to give it another shot?
JONATHAN BARTLETT: No, it doesn't. It definitely get the juices flowing, and I love being competitive and I love -- you know, but I'm not good like these guys. I'm quite happy where I'm at. I love selling real estate at the Greenbrier and coming home for lunch to see my kids and going back to work and playing golf with the members, things of that nature.
So I have no wild dreams. I could have finished 30th in the tournament and I wouldn't even cross my mind. I'm quite happy where I'm at. Hopefully I can make the cut.

Q. I was gonna say, and we get a number of tournaments coming up here in the next few years. Hopefully we'll see you, if not this weekend, then again in the next few years.
JONATHAN BARTLETT: Yeah, that would be great. You know, I mean, hopefully I play well. I'm here.

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