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July 30, 2010

Jimmy Walker


Q. Jimmy Walker, great round on this day. Jimmy, all the players expected a lot of birdies on this golf course. Tell me why it's a little bit harder than we made it seem.
JIMMY WALKER: I think the wind whipping through this valley and through the trees make it really hard. I mean, both par-3s on the back I just (indiscernible). Sometimes it's really hard to figure out which way the wind is going.
18 has gotten me three days in a tow. Hopefully tomorrow it won't.

Q. For you, what is the opportunity to be able to play here, a great golf course, and have another chance to get up yourself up the leaderboard and get a win here?
JIMMY WALKER: It's great. I've had success in West Virginia. I won on the Nationwide in '07 here, so I don't know if it's just the state or just the mountains and trees. I don't know what it is.
But it's a good golf course. It fits my eye really well, so I've been playing well.

Q. You have been playing well. I know you played well close to your home. How can you take that momentum and take it all the way to the winners' circle?
JIMMY WALKER: I learned a lot in San Antonio. I mean, I was right there. Couple loose drives here or there kind of cost me tournament, I think. But I putted well.
I'm putting well this week. Just got to get yourself in contention. I've won before. I mean, you know, it's nothing new, winning.
But just being in the moment and being there and having a chance and closing the door, so we'll see what happens.

Q. Jimmy, a dynamite -- had to say that -- 64 gets you in at 9-under par. Eight birdies on this golf course. It's a golf course that will give 'em up, but not usually in bunches.
JIMMY WALKER: I putted really well today. I made a lot of putts and that was the difference. I hit some good shots today, but made a lot of putts. That was the difference today.

Q. How about that one at 17 where you got yourself out of a nasty lie in the bunker, tough stance, and then you took the whole tour of that hole at 17.
JIMMY WALKER: Yeah, I had about 180 into the cup there, but, you know, I hit a really good drive, a strategic drive just short of the bunker, and then two, three feet here on the second shot, I think I've got a nice eagle putt.
But tough bunker shot. Made a real good shot and made the putt.

Q. You're trending in the right direction. Played well in Canada last week. After the long layoff, you got the motor running again, don't you?
JIMMY WALKER: I feel good, you know. Family is doing good; our baby is doing good. It was kind of a rough patch in the beginning, but he's doing great now.
Got a lot family and friends helping out, and it's just taken a lot of the burden off.

Q. Now, Greenbrier, a new course for you, but West Virginia not a new place to play, is it?
JIMMY WALKER: No. You know, I played that Pete Dye course twice in Bridgeport, and got a win over there in '07. So that helped me get my card that year, and I've been out here since. Fond memories of West Virginia.

Q. A little extra mountaineer magic maybe for you this weekend. Good luck to you.
JIMMY WALKER: Thank you.

Q. First off, Jimmy, West Virginia treats you pretty good, huh?
JIMMY WALKER: Yeah, we got two days to go, but, you know, past history has been pretty good.
The Greenbrier is a great place. I think everybody is having a lot of fun here. Lots of stuff to do. Cool place for your family to hang out. I wish I had mine here.

Q. Talk about your round today. You seem to be just clicking on all cylinders?
JIMMY WALKER: I'm driving it well and I made a lot putts today. And I mean a lot of putts. I made a couple for par and bunch for birdie. Just seemed like they were just falling in today.

Q. Are you surprised at the turnout of fans for a first-time event like this?
JIMMY WALKER: I don't know if I'm surprised. You know, when we were talking to some officials earlier in the week, people running the event, you know, I said, What are you guys expecting here? They said, We expect big crowds.
You know, nothing new. It's nice to have people out and fans and cheering. Everybody is really nice and everybody is giving a lot have claps and cheers. Applauding good golf.

Q. Right now there's still a whole bunch of guys to go. You got to feel pretty good where you're sitting at on the leaderboard going into the weekend.
JIMMY WALKER: Yeah. I had a great day today. You know, I can't ask for much more. Still learning a lot about the golf course.
I feel like I'm in great shape no matter what somebody shoots in the afternoon to take the lead. You know, I'm happy with what's going on.

Q. Boo and a couple of others mentioned that there was no wind out there. You said on the back it bothered you a little bit. Did it kick up a little bit through the round?
JIMMY WALKER: It did. It kicked up just enough on the back to, you know, really make the ball start moving. I got to go check and see if this place is at elevation a little bit, because the ball seems like it's traveling a little bit here.
Maybe do a little adjustment on the weekend, because the ball is moving. For me it is.

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