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July 30, 2010

Boo Weekley


DOUG MILNE: We'd like to welcome Boo Weekely here to the interview room at the Greenbrier Classic after a solid bogey-free 7-under, 63. Matches your will he round of the year, so you've obviously got to be feeling good about the way you're playing just kind of as you're heading into the weekend.
So if we could just get some comments on how you're feeling.
BOO WEEKLEY: I'm actually feeling pretty good. You know, at the John Deere I started feeling a little better about my game. I've lost about 20 pounds of weight and kind of got my shoulder feeling a little better.
I'm excited to play again. Feels like I can actually come out and compete and don't have to take a bunch of Advil or nothing where I can play.
DOUG MILNE: Okay. Well, we'll go ahead and open it up for a few questions.

Q. What happened to the shoulder? When did that happen?
BOO WEEKLEY: I did that TPC '09, I think. Yeah. I tore a labrum in the left back side of my shoulder blade. It's been kind of aggravated like a thorn in me, you know. Just feel like you can't take it back some days, and some days don't feel like I can come through the ball.
I've been working out and trying to get it all stretched back out and get it worked in there where I feel like I can actually swing the club and not have the hesitation at it.

Q. Erik Compton yesterday said that course is playing like a Florida course. Would you agree?
BOO WEEKLEY: I mean, I don't know what kind of Florida course he plays. Where I live at, we can't tell where the fairways are.
I mean, but it's just another golf course. I mean, you know, you got to go out there -- and it's an old-style golf courses. I've always felt like I played good on old-style golf courses, you know, where it's kind of tree-lined and you pick a spot, you hit it at the tree; or you can pick a bunker, start it at a bunker, hook it off a bunker.
So I kind of like these kind of golf courses: old-style golf courses; ain't real long. It's a real fair golf course where you can get in there. If you're driving it well, you can actually take advantage of the yardage that you're playing from.

Q. Have you done any fishing this week?
BOO WEEKLEY: No, sir. I put all my stuff up when I come to tournaments now. I mean, back in the day I traveled around a lot and did a lot of fishing and hunting and whatever.
Now I just mostly focus on golf and do my job and be done with it, you know.

Q. Is that just to focus more on golf than to focus on something else?
BOO WEEKLEY: Yes, I mean, I felt like -- I mean, when I was goofing off on the Nationwide Tour, that's where I did most of my hunting and fishing. When I get back out on Tour in '07, I've actually put away everything. I might fish a little bit, but it ain't like I'm gonna go out every afternoon like I used to.
You know, or go down -- I know I ain't gonna go shoot no clay pigeons or none of that stuff right now. I'm just getting my shoulder healthy. I don't want to take the chance of maybe doing something and maybe tearing it up again.

Q. Boo, you got off to a great start: Four birdies on your first eight holes. Can you take us through your opening nine this morning.
BOO WEEKLEY: Yeah. On No. 10 I hit it, I don't know, probably about eight or nine feet just left of the hole and I missed it. Hit a good putt, I just a little too firm.
And then next hole, I hit it in there close about the same distance and made it.
Then the par-5, I ain't figured out how to hit that fairway yet. Maybe when I do, I might be able to hit it on the green in two and make a birdie.
But, um, next hole I hit it int there -- trying to remember what the next hole is. I don't know. I hit it somewhere up there. (Laughter.) I mean, made birdie there, and then a little short hole, I think I hit 3-wood way right. Just hit in the center of the green and two-putted it.
The par-3, I stepped on a pretty good 4-iron and got a good bounce. It landed just over the edge of the bunker there shot it towards the hole. Kind of the way the grain runs, it curls back to the right, and it rolled up there about two or three feet behind the hole.
Next hole I hit it in there about 15 feet. I really thought I made that putt there. Davis Love putted right before me. He was about a foot, two foot behind me, and it broke off -- his didn't break enough, and then I played my a little shallower and it broke off.
And the par-5, No. 17, I hit driver, 5-wood up there. Had a good look at it. I thought I made that putt too for eagle, and tapped it in for birdie.
No. 18 there, that's just a tough hole. That's intimidating looking up there at the face of that ridge looking at you in the middle of the green. I just hit it up there and had about a 25-footer and ended up just two-putting it.

Q. I recall reading somewhere that you felt like you were at home or coming home to this tournament; is that true? If so, why?
BOO WEEKLEY: Well, I mean, I played the Nationwide Tour, I think it was three years they had a tournament or four years they had a tournament in Clarksburg. I've got to meet a lot of good people there. I've seen a lot 'em out here this week, you know.
I've had some good luck up here playing golf, and so it just kind of feels like I'm back playing there again. You know, just feel like home playing golf.

Q. Looks likes you got the golf game straightened out here. What about the hotel? Can you navigate that place yet or what?
BOO WEEKLEY: I ain't got a clue. They ought to give you a GPS when you register. Like a little beacon. You just press a button and it's like, All right. You want to go eat here? All right, boom, and then it just kind of leads you around where you need to go. That place is amazing.

Q. You've guaranteed yourself another two days. You think you might figure it out before you leave here or not?
BOO WEEKLEY: I doubt it. I doubt it.

Q. We're on pace. You're at 10. Do you think that's gonna hold up? We're on pace for 20, do you think, right now?
BOO WEEKLEY: It could get there just according to how the wind blows. If it blows like it did yesterday and if it started off a little earlier, mid-morning or something, it'll be interesting to see. I mean, it really would be interesting to see.
The greens can't get nothing but a little firmer, and the pins can't get nothing but a little tougher.

Q. Do you feel like your career kind of took of in West Virginia at the Pete Dye Classic.
BOO WEEKLEY: I ain't gonna say it took off there, but it was a good start there. I mean, like I said, I got a lot of good memories of being there and playing there. That's a great golf course, too, except for 17 green.
But it helps. I ain't gonna say that's where it took off it, but it helped a lot.

Q. You told me a couple months ago on the phone you felt like West Virginia owed you one, losing a playoff up there.

Q. You feel like it's going along here and you might get that one?
BOO WEEKLEY: It would be nice. You know, if my stars line up, it would be great to have a win and say, hey, this is my third win here. This is an awesome place to have it right here.

Q. Will your approach change at all after the cut as opposed to before it?
BOO WEEKLEY: No, sir. Fairways, greens, and putts.

Q. Do you have a number in your head that you think is gonna win this tournament?
BOO WEEKLEY: Only number I got is the first hole, No. 1. That's just to go out and play. That's where I start at. If it pans out where I win, I win.
You know, ain't life or death. They can't kill and you eat you out here.

Q. You talked about the fact you do feel like you're at home here. Do you kind of embrace the redneck idea, you don't mind that at all. Is that part of the thing? Because West Virginia, everybody picks on West Virginia being a bunch of rednecks. A lot of us I think are kind of proud of that moniker; what do you think?
BOO WEEKLEY: Look, I would be proud of it, too. I mean, I am proud of it. There are rednecks everywhere. Ain't just West Virginia, I promise you. (Laughter.)

Q. Just curious, I know you haven't played this course that much, but in the short time you have, do you feel like you found a favorite or least favorite hole out there?
BOO WEEKLEY: Not really. I mean, you know, they've moved the holes around so much here on the greens, so sometimes you feel like you got a good shot -- every time I think like hole, what's it, on the front side? It's like 6, a real short hole. What hole is that?

Q. 4. No, 5.
BOO WEEKLEY: To me, on that hole, you ought to make birdie. I mean, granted, you know, especially with us out there, if you're driving it well and hitting it halfway decent, you gonna hit it inside of ten feet there. You should hit it inside ten feet and you'll make birdie. To me, that would be one of the best holes, the funnest holes, because you know, Hey, I got an opportunity here to get one up here. I can come to that hole and make birdie.
Granted, I didn't make birdie today, but I still had an opportunity.
DOUG MILNE: Before we let you go, you took us through the birdies on the back. If you wouldn't mind running us through the three birdies on the front and just giving us some clubs and yardages as best you can recall.
BOO WEEKLEY: On No. 2, I -- for some reason I drove it way right in the bunker there. I had I think it was like 148 hole, and I took out 8-iron out and I hit it in there I think right about six feet. Little left to righter; made it.
Then on 7, I actually had like I think 85 yards, and I was trying to hit it about 90, 93. The way the green looked from where I was standing at, it looked like it was facing kind of toward me, so it looked like I could fly it behind the hole and just kind of spin it back to it.
I didn't take a look at the book that my caddie had, and it spun off the right side down in this little bottom. It was still on the green, and I made about a 35-footer there. Had a good read.
Then on No. 9, drove it right down the middle. I think you had 94 yards, and we were worried about it spinning too much. Grabbed a gap wedge out and just kind of choked it down and hit it just off to the left about 12 feet a little past the pin and poured it in there.
DOUG MILNE: Congratulations, and best of luck on the weekend.
BOO WEEKLEY: Thank ya'll.

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