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July 30, 2010

Cristie Kerr


THE MODERATOR: Okay. We have Cristie Kerr in here who shot an excellent 67 this morning 4-under par. Can I just get a few comments on your round today?
CRISTIE KERR: I played obviously really well today. I was determined to be more relaxed out there. I've been putting a lot of pressure on myself just getting the No. 1 ranking, and you know, hadn't really realized what was going on until, you know, a couple rounds ago. So just getting out there, and I did my thing today. And you know, the results took care of themselves.
I got off to a hot start birdieing the first two holes, and then bogeyed 8 and birdied four of the holes on the back. Played really, really well. Great par save at 12, and was able to birdie one of the last two par-5s.
Didn't hit a good drive on 17 or that would have been almost a guaranteed birdie. And could have made eagle on the last hole, but I left -- when you're shooting 5-under and you're leaving some out there, you're playing really well.
THE MODERATOR: And with the forecast today looks like the others may have the afternoon off.
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah. We were on 18 tee and I looked behind us and I'm like, good thing we're finishing when we are because you can hear it now, it's just starting to come down.
THE MODERATOR: Okay. Questions, please.

Q. Did you feel that after an easy round yesterday and with your start today you could get right back into the championship today?
CRISTIE KERR: I did. I felt that way, and with the no wind when we started today, I said I gotta take advantage of these conditions.
When I first got here last time, I was on the wrong end of the split, but I played really well, but still on the wrong end of the split; and I got the correct end obviously this year.
I got off to a great start birdieing the first two holes hit 9-iron into the first hole, 8-iron into the second hole and had 10-footers and made both of those and had a lot of chances on the front, but couldn't quite hit the putts hard enough. And you know, I played really well on the back.

Q. The course was playing very long yesterday.
CRISTIE KERR: Not right now.

Q. Not now, no.
CRISTIE KERR: I mean I hit driver 9-iron. Yesterday it was too much for me to hit driver off the tee because it made the fairways too narrow with the wind, and I hit 3-wood into the green and I couldn't even really get there. So I probably shouldn't have hit driver yesterday, so that was kind of a mistake.
I played well yesterday and made some birdies, but made some mistakes, and today I made less mistakes and more birdies.

Q. Cristie, what has changed in your life since you became world No. 1?
CRISTIE KERR: No, there's a lot of other stuff to do, a lot of media and stuff. I guess it's better than not trying at all, but I tend to try too hard sometimes, and you know, I got not a lot of rest before the Open, Women's Open, and I kind of ran out of gas on the weekend and then just continued to kind of get in the mindset of this has to be perfect, that has to be perfect; and it doesn't. And yesterday was better for me, a good start to the tournament, I think, and today I was able to find my groove, and it was good to feel it again.

Q. Do you find yourself looking at yourself differently, though?
CRISTIE KERR: No, not me looking at myself differently. It's just I had a lot of other stuff to do besides just golf and go get your nails done.
And you know, it's the first time I've been world's No. 1 ranked player, so I've always been the kind of person whether I was 10 years old or whether I'm 33 now, almost 33 that I learn from my mistakes, you know, and I learn from what it feels like to be in that position.
And now that I lost No. 1 ranking, I want it back. And you know, I have to look at what do I have to do to get it back. And that's doing the same things that got me there. So I think I've learned kind of -- you know, I was fine with all the other stuff, but it was a time management thing. I didn't manage my time well enough to get enough rest. Going into the Women's Open, I did a lot of stuff the week before the Women's Open, and I didn't get that much time to practice and I was tired when I was practicing. So it's kind of the time management thing.
Makes you realize when Annika and Lorena were No. 1 for years, makes you realize how hard that is, because it's not just golf. It's a lot of other stuff, too. So I feel like I understand what I have to do to prioritize. You know, it was great too, because it's the first time an American has also got to No. 1 in the rankings and Americans hadn't won a lot of tournaments. And it was a big deal for the Tour. I stepped up, I did all the media stuff, but I didn't manage my time very well to get enough rest. So I feel like I'm just starting to find myself again, which is okay.
You know, some people are very good with that. I have to learn how to be good at it. That's just kind of the person I am.

Q. So do you think when you get to No. 1 again you'll be able to manage it better?
CRISTIE KERR: I think so, because you have to or you get tired.

Q. Do you feel a lot of pressure to be No.1?
CRISTIE KERR: Yeah. I mean but I'm the kind of person that always puts a lot of pressure on myself because I expect a lot from myself, and that's fine, but you can do that off the course.
On the course I have to be somewhat relaxed, know exactly, be very clear with what I'm doing. And as a golfer whether you're turning No. 1 player in the world or whether it's a club championship somewhere, I mean you have to -- you still have to golf your balls. So I have to just compartmentalize that off the course and on the course go out and do my job, because when I do it well, it's hard to beat.

Q. Cristie, do you feel that you're due the British Open?
CRISTIE KERR: I think I will keep doing my own job the next few days. Who knows with the weather conditions. I don't know what Yani got in at. Obviously you can't win it after 36 holes.
I feel like I've been close in this tournament. I feel like if I keep doing what I did today, I'll be close again and hopefully the momentum will be on my side.

Q. Cristie, next year, this championship moves to my homeland and the homeland of the guy on your left and I guarantee it will be good weather.
CRISTIE KERR: Can I get that in writing?

Q. Have you played there at Carnoustie or any comments about the place?
CRISTIE KERR: No. I haven't played at Carnoustie yet. My husband played there when we were at St. Andrews. So he's got a few comments about the course.

Q. What were his comments?
CRISTIE KERR: I think he said it was hard, but they see a lot more of the golf course than we do.

Q. So you've played at St. Andrews?

Q. Is that the only place you've played in Scotland?
CRISTIE KERR: I played at Turnberry. I think that's about it. I mean I wish we would go to Scotland for this tournament a few more times. I love these golf courses, obviously, but it's nice for it to kind of move around, and Turnberry was a great venue for us and St. Andrews. But Birkdale is one of my favorite golf courses of all time, so I'm glad we're here this year.

Q. What do you think about Yani's lead Yani has won two majors. What's the view of the players on her when she's got a big lead?
CRISTIE KERR: I've won two majors.

Q. I know that. I would ask the same thing of someone else if you had the lead.
CRISTIE KERR: Well, I mean it's great when you have a big lead. You just gotta keep playing well. She played very well in the afternoon yesterday and she played good this morning in the conditions. So like I said, I made too many mistakes yesterday morning, in yesterday's morning round, rather, or I'd be closer.
But it's just hard to run away with a tournament. I obviously did it a couple weeks ago, but hopefully I can play well enough to play there.
THE MODERATOR: Any more questions? Cristie, thank you very much for being here.

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