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July 29, 2010

Damien McGrane


DAMIEN McGRANE: I've been playing decent for a long time and just let it happened and what happened was pretty good.

Q. Hitting the ball pretty well?
DAMIEN McGRANE: I smothered a few tee shots today which is unlike me but that's golf. Nothing is ever -- it's never 100 per cent all the way around. But I made pars when I was struggling and I picked off the board slowly and surely and that's golf and exactly what I've done.

Q. Expectations of yourself this weekend?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Absolutely, I think all of the Irish players give it a little bit extra this week with so many people looking forward to seeing us place, it's great to get out there and do it for them.
But you know, golf is a funny game and we have to stay focussed and it's very easy to lose track of yourself out there with so much shouting and excitement and cameras and phones. But it was good to us all today and I think we all survived day one.

Q. Can you remember a day like that at the Irish Open?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Weather-wise? You know, we are bound to get a treat every now and then, and today was the day. It's fantastic that we are here in Killarney. This is beautiful scenery and at least we came good today.
I hope it was a great spectacle for Irish golf, as all you guys keep saying, we are on a golden spell at the moment. I think today Ireland and Irish golf is a winner today and obviously I hope for the best for the next three days, because it should make great TV and Killarney is a spectacular venue.

Q. Can you remember a day as good as that?
DAMIEN McGRANE: No, I can't.

Q. Six years.
DAMIEN McGRANE: Mr. Juliet. Fota Island was fantastic, also. The links golf we seem to be badgered a little bit. Some of the courses, we are just unlucky. We have played some great Irish venues but we have not actually got to see the quality of the courses because the weather has been so badly against us.

Q. When you saw the draw, were you pleased with it?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Yeah, absolutely, yeah. I would sooner play with friends of mine like Pádraig, and how we play and how we score is irrelevant. We are here to do the best we can and obviously in such good company, it was easy to find a score there.

Q. You are an under the radar guy normally, you don't like the limelight too much as far as I can gather, but did you enjoy being in that kind of atmosphere today?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Absolutely. Like I said they are easy to play with. Some people are tough to play with but Pádraig is easy to play with. He's been a friend and supporter for a long time and I appreciate that.

Q. And Graeme?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Obviously, I was in the pro shop in Wexford and he was in America doing his thing, so we certainly came different routes. So I wouldn't know Graeme as well as I would know Pádraig and vice versa. It was good out there. And we had good banter between the three of us and we enjoyed the spectacle and we enjoyed the support.

Q. When you won in China would you have expected to have won another tournament before now?
DAMIEN McGRANE: I feel I have so many opportunities but I haven't taken them. If I keep knocking on the door and keep giving myself opportunities as a professional, that's all I can do right now.

Q. What did you make of Pádraig's game today? He's been questioned about his swing week-in and week-out, 3-under par?
DAMIEN McGRANE: He applied his tried out there today. Pádraig is the very best at what he does and he had to do that today. You know, he was probably very disappointed, but he shot 3-under par, and you know, I think to be honest, I think it could be the worst score he's going to shoot this week.

Q. A lot of 3-woods off tees, do you expect the same over the next three days?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Purely by the wind direction and conditions determines what clubs we hit off the tee box.

Q. What stood out?
DAMIEN McGRANE: I hit a few balls that were pretty rubbish, really, and then I backed them up with a decent shot, and that's what I needed to do and that's exactly what I've done today. That's golf, and, you know, I had to make the best of situations I'd prefer not to be in, but hitting the ball off line, off tee boxes, hazard of the trade is exactly what I've done and recovered.

Q. As tournament goes, the Irish Open, does it mean the most to you?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Absolutely. Well, they all mean a lot to be honest but obviously to be home here in the good weather in Killarney is something special.

Q. You hit the rocks; you got a good break.
DAMIEN McGRANE: Yes, hit the rocks and ricocheted across the golf course to the other side. It was a good up-and-down.

Q. Got up-and-down at 6, as well.
DAMIEN McGRANE: Yeah, I hit a decent shot there and shot through the green. You know, it's about battling away, and myself and Pádraig and Graeme battled away a few times.

Q. A lot of guys find the greens hard to putt on and read today, you had a few sizable putts, seven to ten feet?
DAMIEN McGRANE: Yeah, well, okay. I hit good putts and went in, and that obviously helps.

Q. But like hitting the rocks and not going in the water --
DAMIEN McGRANE: Yeah, but you take the rough with the smooth. I hit some good shots and didn't work out and obviously I hit one or two rogue shots and managed to recover, but that's golf and that's my day today.

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