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July 29, 2010

Paul Lawrie


Q. 5-under par; happy?
PAUL LAWRIE: Yeah, I'm very happy. I played nicely. I'm hitting the ball well and rolled quite a few putts in today. Best putting of the year to be honest. Pity about bogeying the last because I was 6-under playing the last, but tried to lay up short off that right-hand trap off the tee and it went in.

Q. Expectations this week?
PAUL LAWRIE: Same as every week. You're here to win. You don't come to tournaments unless that's the idea. There's a lot of good players in the field. Everyone knows that. But you're trying to putt well enough and hole enough putts to win.

Q. What do you make of the course?
PAUL LAWRIE: The course is fantastic. I played here in '92, my first year on Tour.

Q. It's changed a bit since then, hasn't it?
PAUL LAWRIE: A wee bit. I've not got a good memory so I don't remember much about it. I remember the 4th tee being back on the rocks there, but apart from that I don't remember too much. It's a beautiful spot and the lake is gorgeous, so it's nice to be here.
I played nice today tee-to-green and holed a few putts today, and the only one that I missed that I could have made was 18. That was the only putt that was makeable that didn't go in. Whenever you do that, it's got to be a good day.
Today is the best putting round of the year, by far. Rolled the bar superb, lining the ball up for the first time in my career. I've been lining the ball up with my kids, kind of talked me into doing it because they have been doing it for a while. I've been struggling to line the putt up, and it worked today, so thank my kids, which is never good.

Q. They talked you into it?
PAUL LAWRIE: They did. They have been lining up their balls for ages, and they have these wee devices that you just kind of plomp on your ball and you put the marker pen. And I was out playing with them one day and I missed a few putts, as usual, and they said, look, you should be lining your ball up. Okay.

Q. And it's, 'Dad, Dad, look, we are holing these, what are you doing?'
PAUL LAWRIE: 'Dad, why are you missing all these putts. Just line them up. It's easy.'

Q. Lovely track here.
PAUL LAWRIE: It's beautiful. One of the nicest spots we play, there's no question. I played here the last time, '92, which is a long time ago, but beautiful spot, so nice to be here.

Q. And a good track, as well?
PAUL LAWRIE: Good course, yeah, very good course. Not much rough out there and you're getting flyers quite a lot from the rough. So playing quite short, but even then, there's enough good holes in there that it's not going to be silly.

Q. Yours is a lovely score for the first round, so what do you make of the speculation that there will be some ridiculously low scores?
PAUL LAWRIE: I read Graeme McDowell saying that someone will shoot 59 this week. This is the nicest day you're going to get I would imagine this week; it's beautiful and hot and the greens are great and 6-under is leading. If someone shoots 59 they will have played extremely well.

Q. A strategic course, isn't it?
PAUL LAWRIE: 11, 12, 13, two of them are nearly par 5 distances really; so there's a tough stretch in there. But there are a few chances and if you get hot with the putter, you can go low.

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