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July 29, 2010

Bernhard Langer


Q. It was a good round of golf?
BERNHARD LANGER: It wasn't easy out there, as Mark said, the pins are tucked and the greens are firm, you've got to allow for a lot of run and just a couple of holes that are -- 8 I hit a beautiful cut 3-wood, took one, two big bounces straight left and I was in the bunker with a perfect tee shot.
And I come out of the bunker, the pin behind another bunker and stuff like that. I had the a great shot to about 30 feet and I had to hole a 30-footer but it had a 7-foot break on it. If you hit it on to the green you're going to have a breaking putt and it's the type of course you want to hit the middle of the green because you then have some kind of putt, no matter where the pin is. So from the center you have a reasonable putt but it's hard to get to the center of the green.

Q. Calc said it was some of the hardest hole locations he's seen in years. How would you assess --
BERNHARD LANGER: I totally agree with him. There were some pins you just couldn't get close to no matter what shot you played. Well, it's the same for everybody but it doesn't make it any easier.

Q. Everybody has been saying it's tough, is it borderline unfair? Are some of the holes just not --
BERNHARD LANGER: Couple of them are borderline unfair, yeah, like the one I just talked about on No. 8.
I mean, basically you have to hit a 5-wood off the tee, that leaves you a 3-iron into the green or 4-iron and the green is not designed for that kind of club and it's very firm.
It's different, I played the course eight years ago when it was soft. It's a great golf course when it's soft because you can attack certain hole locations but when it's this firm you just can't go for the pins half the time or maybe three quarter of the time so you've just got to play defensive golf. But defensive doesn't mean it's easy, you've still got to pull off the great, good shots to the middle of the green, or wherever you're going, trying to land it on the front.
The other thing is it slopes back to front so you can't go over because then you're facing a downhill putt that's tough so you're always playing for the front edge of the green which is often only five yards wide covered by two bunkers which is okay when you have a wedge or nine-iron in your hand but not with a longer club.
Anyway it's a great golf course just a tough setup.

Q. Jet lag update?
BERNHARD LANGER: You got it, I've been yawning for the last few hours, it's about 2 a.m. for my body right now and I feel it.

Q. What time did you get up?
BERNHARD LANGER: I forced myself to stay in bed but I was up around 6:00 but I was up, you know, several times before that, just looking at the ceiling.

Q. Makes for a long day when you have an afternoon tee time so tomorrow --
BERNHARD LANGER: It should be better, I should feel physically better tomorrow morning but not much time to rest right now, either. Thanks.

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