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July 29, 2010

Loren Roberts


THE MODERATOR: Your thoughts today?
LOREN ROBERTS: The course played tough, especially that early in the morning, the greens were bouncing good. Firm, but fair, I was happy with the way I played. I hit a lot of good shots. I only hit one bad tee shot at 6 and made a bogey and bad tee shot at 9, my last hole, but got it up and down so all in all I played as solid as I played in a while today.

Q. Were the greens the same firmness as they were in the practice rounds?
LOREN ROBERTS: Just about the same. Yesterday I played the same time in the practice round and the first hop is probably a good 8 to 10 yards so they're jumping pretty good.

Q. Loren, with the overcast conditions this morning, did anything change with whether the greens were more receptive? Were you not getting much -- on the fairways?
LOREN ROBERTS: I was surprised. I was surprised, the greens were playing firm, you could tell there was moisture in the air and I was surprised at how well the course was playing. It must have rolled 67 yards down the fairway and hit a wedge and tore the cover off a good, 8-10-yard hop on the first hole.
So the golf course really in my estimation didn't change at all from yesterday because it was playing really firm yesterday.

Q. Is it one of those things where it can get out of hand if they don't maintain it at this current level?
LOREN ROBERTS: I mean it's 12:30, it's hard to say. We'll see what the guys deal with this afternoon. You know, it's a tough golf course. Doesn't have the length but definitely you've got to hit it straight and all the greens have a lot of movement so you're lookin' to put the balls in the first 15 feet of the green and then you just putt up into the pockets where the pins are. That was my strategy all day. That's how you're going to have to play the golf course, irregardless of how firm it is.
We'll just -- I think this is going to be a good test. You're not going to see 20-under win this year.

Q. Is it like most courses where you have to pick your shots to be aggressive, but even less here? Is there some courses, maybe half a dozen; here, maybe three or four?
LOREN ROBERTS: Yeah, you have to pick your shots. Out of the gate, second hole, par-5 is a birdie you can get a good hole. You hit a good tee shot you can get the hole with a 4-iron, few good pins, probably the third hole today if you drove in the fairway the pin was at the back and you were shootin' up the green you had a good shot there. The fourth hole was a birdie hole and then after that -- 10 was a birdie -- you had to pick your shots today. If you got a short iron in your hand and it wasn't tucked behind a little mound you could think about it, but it's a pretty defensive-type golf course, I think.

Q. Michael Allen said the front nine he couldn't imagine pin placements harder than that.
LOREN ROBERTS: They're tough. The 6th hole looked like it wasn't much of a pin, but you're hitting a 3- or 4-iron in there, at least I did. And the pin is on the front of the green, so essentially that's a pin you can't get it even though it's sitting right there on the front of the green because it's so firm.
The pins were very good today, I thought.

Q. What do you think of the crowds today, Loren?
LOREN ROBERTS: It was nice to see great crowds, especially that early in the morning. There were tons of people and it's great to see a really nice crowd. You know, I think they've always turned out nice crowds here because there really isn't a golf tournament up here once every five years really outside of a Senior event just up the road. So they always turn out nice crowds and it's great to see them come out. It's always a little different. As soon as you put, you know, the term U.S. Open on there it tends to attract a lot more people.
THE MODERATOR: Thank you, Loren.

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