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July 29, 2010

Tom Watson


Q. (No microphone.)
TOM WATSON: I could be better. The morning started off good, but I wore out, the time change got me and I'm half asleep.
The body's hurtin' and I'm worn out and I can't make any putts and the front nine was great and the back nine I hit some shots I shouldn't have hit, iron shots I shouldn't have hit and I didn't make any putts.

Q. (No microphone.)
TOM WATSON: Just middle of the back 9.

Q. Senior British that, all these huge tournaments, wearing you out?
TOM WATSON: That's what I'm sayin'.

Q. What was the course like today?
TOM WATSON: It was a tough golf course. Greens are firm, and it's hard to get the ball close. It's all you want. It's a good, very, very tough USGA test as it should be.

Q. Your group drew so many big crowds what was it like today?
TOM WATSON: There were big crowds, big crowds pulling for Freddy and that's to be expected. Freddy made a good come-back today, didn't play very well at all on the front nine, we should have switched nines.

Q. You said you hit some iron shots you shouldn't have --
TOM WATSON: I hit some lousy iron shots, no, just bad iron shots, 1 and 8 and missed some short putts.

Q. Do you know what you will be working on and --
TOM WATSON: I don't know, I'm just tired, tired and hurtin'. When you wake up at 1:00 in the morning and can't go back to sleep it's kind of tough to play. All right, thank you.

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