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July 29, 2010

Brittany Lincicome


THE MODERATOR: Okay. Ladies and gentlemen, we have Brittany Lincicome in the interview room. She just scored a 69 with a great shot on the finish. Can you talk us through your round? How do you feel about it?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah. 3-over after the first two definitely was not what I was looking for to start.
Definitely happy with the finish. Made a lot of really good putts out there, one 40-footer or 30-footer and a lot of really long putts, which was unusual, so it was nice to see, especially under those conditions. It was really windy.
THE MODERATOR: I was actually going to say, you seem to have scored more birdies than virtually anybody else in the field. Is it because you holed some long putts?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Definitely. I definitely holed a couple of long ones. Being one of the longer hitters as well, it's a little bit easier having some wedges into those greens and not mid irons so definitely my length and keeping it in the fairway, I did a very good job of that today keeping it in play.
THE MODERATOR: Did you want to start with the birdies and bogeys? Can we start with the six at first?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Double at the first. Bogey at the second.
THE MODERATOR: What did you hit into there?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Oh, Jesus. I gotta do all that? That's going to take forever. I don't know. I think I hit 4-iron.
THE MODERATOR: Second shot 4-iron.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah. Driver. Driver, 4-iron into the front of the green and like four-putted basically.
Second hole was, say, a 5-iron, or driver, 5-iron, hit it way left, not good.
THE MODERATOR: On the green in three and two-putted?
THE MODERATOR: Birdie the sixth, par-5.
THE MODERATOR: Do you remember how you did that?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: No. I really need my book. If I had my book, it would be so much easier.
THE MODERATOR: The one on the far side of the golf course, over the bunker, drove it over the bunker and hit it on the right.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: No. Do you remember?
THE MODERATOR: Anybody remember?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Anybody remember?
THE MODERATOR: We can just go on to questions.

Q. (Indiscernible)?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah. Really long putt on 7 was probably 20 feet. And then 8 was like 40 feet. Yeah.

Q. And 18?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: 18, driver, 5-iron pin high but right, chipped it up to about 12 feet.
THE MODERATOR: What about the two on 14? Any idea?

Q. Is my memory right, you won at Ginn in pretty nasty conditions; right?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Sunday was pretty nasty, yeah.

Q. When it was blowing. Do you think it makes you bear down more and concentrate harder when you got the conditions going with it?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah. I think you're right. Definitely, especially with the wind blowing so hard, I was hitting it really well, which obviously helps.
If you hit it well, it kind of penetrates through the wind and doesn't really get affected too much. But definitely I'm going to kind of reflect back to that and just one shot at a time out here.

Q. Some of the other players have been saying that the first hole today has been playing really long, and that really should be a par-5 today. It took four putts. Did you feel after that hole that, oh, God, my putter is really cold today and nothing is going to drop?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: No. Just kind of hit a really good drive, hit a really good second shot to get it like a foot short of the green. So it was a great shot. It was straight into the wind, just kind of underestimated how slow that putt would be. So I left it short and then missed like the one-footer coming back. So all in all it was just pretty silly. I should have hit the first one harder and to miss a one-footer, that's not going to happen all day, hopefully. So it was nice to kind of get through the first couple holes, kind of settle the nerves a little bit, kind of calm myself back down and make a few birdies in a row.

Q. And have you been on a good putting streak of late?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I have. Actually I gripped down probably an inch on the putter the beginning of last week, and for some reason it just seemed kind of easier to control the putter. So I putted really well last week, and hopefully keep it going this week.

Q. Were you aware before you went out there that one and two were playing quite hard today?

Q. But would you have anticipated it when you saw the wind that it was going to be?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah. One is a really long hole. It was nice to kind of get that tee shot off and get it within the first cut, but just to get it in play was nice. And even myself I had 4-iron into that green and hit driver off the tee.

Q. But if you could have anticipated they were going to be quite tough, those two, do you sort of set yourself up to think that you're not really thinking of they're two par-4s, that you're not going to panic if you get off to that bad start?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Yeah. I try not to let it kind of affect my mental state. I knew I was playing well coming into this week, just a couple bad holes off the start. The pressure, the wind is howling, it's the British Open. It's a pretty big week, so just kind of calm down a little bit. And you're right, it's the first two holes, two 400-plus yards straight into the wind, those starting holes are pretty tough.

Q. So you think this is a big hitter's golf course?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Absolutely. Especially with the wind.

Q. So you must be confident, huh?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I'm very excited, yes. Make it longer tomorrow.
THE MODERATOR: Any more questions?

Q. Just a couple of things: How many times have you played in this?

Q. Yeah. Is this your best start? And what's your best finish?
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Okay. I actually played here in '05. That was my first British Open was here in '05. And yes, best start, absolutely. And best finish, I'm not really sure. I don't think it's too good, though. But I got it this year.
THE MODERATOR: We have all the results behind the desk.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: I figured. Google.
THE MODERATOR: Brittany, thank you very much.
BRITTANY LINCICOME: Thank you guys. Sorry I couldn't help you there.

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