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July 29, 2010

Jeff Overton


Q. Jeff, I know you're not really happy after the 18th, making bogey there. Still a very nice round, 6-under, 64. Talk about your day.
JEFF OVERTON: Um, you know, it's probably the best ball-striking round until the 18 hole that I've probably ever had. I don't really know if I missed any shots -- the two shots that I -- the two times I missed the green I actually made the putts for birdie from just off the fringe.
So it was a good ball-striking round. Hit some good putts; just didn't go in. Fun golf course. Place is really neat. Got everything kind of down right here in the foothills of this place. It's beautiful.

Q. Your impressions. A lot of people thought there would be a lot of low numbers, and obviously we're seeing that here in the first round.
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, any time the greens get soft they roll pretty well, so they're very true. Any time the greens get like that and you get on with a driver, you're getting a lot of wedges in here because it's so firm and fast on the fairways.
It's just you're getting some good scoring opportunities. It's unfortunate that they have to water the greens so much, but otherwise they'd kill the greens if they didn't.

Q. You're having a great year, and you just played the British Open and finished tied for 11. There was people looking, Where are all the Americans in the top 10? Well, if they look 1-down, you were there. Talk about your trip across the pond?
JEFF OVERTON: It was such a neat experience, you know, going there and playing St. Andrews. No. 1, 17, and 18, I don't think it gets any better than that. It's so cool. Those holes are right in the middle of town and stuff.
I enjoyed it, and it was too bad that I didn't make more putts there. We definitely hit it well. We played with the guy that won; he played great. First two rounds played with him. You know, just too bad we didn't make more putts to finish better.

Q. Have you looked at the Ryder Cup standings? You're 10th. You're not quite in yet. But if your ears were burning last week, it's because we were talking about it up in Canada. About a guy, even if you don't make the top eight, I mean, Corey Pavin has got to be looking at you.
JEFF OVERTON: You know, I just take it for what it is. I just want the U.S. to win, so that's the No. 1 goal. (Wind interference.)
That's part of reason why we're playing here, because it's a big purse and we're not in next week with the way the World Golf Rankings work and stuff.
Just trying to get every point I can and try to hopefully control my own destiny.

Q. (Wind interference.)
JEFF OVERTON: Yeah, the greens are pretty soft and pretty receptive. Not to mention you can make the putts. I hit my driver very well. Had a lot of scoring opportunities. I don't know if I've really had such a good ball-striking round in a long time up until this last hole.
So I was pleased the way we hit it. Hopefully get a few more putts to drop tomorrow. We'll be right in there.

Q. You've been on an amazing run since the Zurich Classic. For you, how has that changed the way that you approach your goals at the end the year? How has your confidence changed your goal?
JEFF OVERTON: You know, that's kind of how this tour is. If you finish 126, you're trying to get into the top 125; if you're top 30, you're trying to move way up and there and finish as high as you can in the FedExCup. You're just trying to do everything you can just to play well.
But at the end of the day, I just want to get a victory. I've been out here for five years. It would be great to get a first win. It's hard to win out here.

Q. Do you think that's imminent?
JEFF OVERTON: I definitely think it's right there in the reach. Just been real close a couple times. There is a lot of good players. It's a tough tour to win on.
Just gonna go keep taking one shot at a time, and hopefully we'll finish on top one of these times.

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