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July 29, 2010

Paula Creamer


Q. It was tough conditions out there this morning. Talk about that.
PAULA CREAMER: It was. I started off three-putt, three-putt, and I had another three-putt on the front nine, so my putting kind of let me down in the beginning. I finally made a birdie on 6 I believe it was, and after that I kind of settled down a bit, just kind of focused on hitting the middle of the greens.
Today was supposed to be the nicest day, and it seems like one of the worst conditions we've played in, but that's the British.

Q. Obviously a reachable par-5, and you put yourself behind the 8-ball.
PAULA CREAMER: Well, both of them, 17 and 18. That's part of this whole hole is the driving, and normally I go right of it, and today for some reason it just stayed straight and went right into that bunker, and that's not a very good move off the tee. You have to learn from your mistakes, and tomorrow I'll be a little bit more careful off that line.

Q. After your wrist surgery we have to ask, how is it doing? The ground here is firmer than it is at Evian. Is that helping or making it worse?
PAULA CREAMER: It's actually helping a bit more. I kind of can bounce into it not as much as just digging into the ground. However, the cold is the other aspect. I constantly have my hands in my pocket trying to keep it warm. It's a bit achy out there. I'm just trying to manage. I'm only out there for five hours, so I'm just trying to play through it.

Q. Talk about your day today.
PAULA CREAMER: It wasn't my best. I definitely started off on the wrong foot. I three-putted the first two holes, and you never want to do that. After that I kind of settled down and birdied the par-5 on the front nine, and I started giving myself more and more chances. There's a lot of golf left. Hopefully tomorrow I can go out and play around even par again, and we'll see.
I've always wanted to win this tournament. I've always played well over here. I love this kind of golf. I love the fact that you can be so creative and hit so many different shots. After the round you should just be exhausted because there's just so much going on. I like this type of golf course, and Royal Birkdale suits that.

Q. How much trouble does the thumb give you after a round like this?
PAULA CREAMER: It's hard here because it's just so much colder than what I'm used to. That old saying, when it's cold, your bones ache a little bit, especially just after surgery. It does, it hurts a bit. But not as bad out on the golf course hitting shots. Last week at Evian was actually much worse than this week. Here it just bounces off the turf, and that helps the pressure a little bit better.

Q. All the more remarkable then that only a few weeks after you return you go there and you win the U.S. Open.
PAULA CREAMER: Yes, that was great. It was a great week, Oakmont. It was a great golf course, a great venue. I feel a little bit more confident coming into the majors now that I've won the U.S. Open, and I would like to have this Ricoh Women's British Open next to my name, as well.

Q. People are struggling with the first hole. What's up with the first hole?
PAULA CREAMER: The tee shot is into and left to right today. I hit a driver and I had 190 front and I hit 3-wood to about 20 feet and I three-putted. It felt like a double bogey after you did that because it is such a hard hole. It's all about just hitting your line.

Q. How was it today?
PAULA CREAMER: It played pretty hard. It's hard to say because I didn't play really well. I did not putt well. I three-putted the 1st hole, the 2nd hole, I three-putted the 5th hole, and then I finally birdied 6, and then after that I just went on a big par streak, constantly giving myself looks, just couldn't make a putt to save my life out there, really. I made some good saves -- that's not true. I made some good saves down the stretch, but it was just -- it wasn't the best.

Q. You looked kind of like a football player out there. How much does the cold affect your thumb?
PAULA CREAMER: That's the thing. The mornings are tough because it is so much colder and your body is just physically not as awake. But I'm just constantly trying to keep it as warm as I can. I have my hot hand pressed on it as much as I can, almost so it can burn me. That's the real dilemma. The turf is okay for me. I don't mind this because you can kind of pick it, or even if you do miss it a little bit in the rough, it's actually so wispy, it's fine. There's not a lot of pressure. Like last week the divots were just huge, and that's where my arm gets just so tired.

Q. What's the treatment regimen now?
PAULA CREAMER: I warm it up in the morning and do some hand exercises and then I go play, and then I'll ice it now, and then I'll eat and I'll probably putt, maybe hit 10, 15 balls. If I ever go to the range, I hit like 12 balls. I don't hit a lot. And then I'll go and get worked on, like my forearm. I have some bruises and stuff where they have to -- it's just so tight, so they'll work my forearm and my triceps and my hand, like a soft tissue massage basically.

Q. So the wrist --
PAULA CREAMER: My forearm actually. It's so tight in here, and your fingers and everything is all connected. What moves this -- you see when you do that, you can move it. It's all up in here, and it just gets so tight, you have to like break it apart. This is a brutal game, you know (laughing)?

Q. Birdies and bogeys?
PAULA CREAMER: No. 2, I went driver, 6-iron about 30, 40 feet and missed about a three-footer.
Bogey on 5, 3-wood, and then I had an 8-iron about 40 feet, and I missed it.
Birdie on 6, driver, 3-wood just short and chipped it up to about six feet.
Driver, 3-wood and I had 100 yards, a little pitching wedge to about three inches.
I missed the green left, left bunker, made about a seven-footer for bogey.

Q. Last hole you missed your birdie putt, so how far was that?
PAULA CREAMER: That was probably 25 feet, yeah.

Q. How about the hole before?
PAULA CREAMER: I went driver, 3 rescue short right, and I tried to hit a flop shot over the bunker, and I missed and just trickled over, so I had about 15, 20 feet, but it was off the green, and I putted it up the hill.

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