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July 27, 2010

Brendon de Jonge


JOHN BUSH: We're joined by BRANDON de Jonge at the interview room here at Greenbrier Classic. He sits No. 34 on the FedExCup standings, and currently one of the hottest golfers on tour.
Just comment a little bit about your play of late and how much you're looking forward to this week.
BRANDON de JONGE: Yeah, it's been fun. Obviously had a good stretch. Just trying to keep it going this week.
JOHN BUSH: All right. 12 out of your last 15 rounds in the 60s. You've played up here in West Virginia before. Most recently at the Nationwide Tour Players Cup. You finished tied for 14th, so you've had some success in West Virginia.
Have you seen the golf course yet? And your impressions on what the week holds.
BRANDON de JONGE: Yeah, just got done with a practice round. I think it's definitely gonna be one of those weeks where it's gonna be a necessity to make a bunch of birdies.
Golf course is fairly soft at the moment. I think we're gonna get a lot of the wedges in our hand, and it might turn into a bit of a putting contest.
JOHN BUSH: Okay. We'll go right into questions.

Q. I'm not sure if you're familiar, but the 18th hole is a par-3. How does that set up for Sunday potentially being maybe the hole that wins it all for somebody and being a par-3, because it is unique?
BRANDON de JONGE: Yeah, it is. We don't see a whole a lot of that. I'm thinking maybe a couple other events. I know the TOUR Championship they did. It can. It's gonna be an exciting finish.
You know, it's a very -- they got a lot of choices for pin positions out there. Obviously could be a couple changes coming in there.

Q. Tell us a little bit about your Virginia Tech alumni? There's other Virginia Tech alums that are flying here. What's it's like to play with them?
BRANDON de JONGE: Um, yeah, actually played a practice round with Johnson Wagner and Drew Weaver today, Virginia Tech alums. It's great for us. We get so much fan support. Everywhere we looked today we saw hokey hats and shirts. It's a lot fun getting cheered all the time.
You know, Virginia Tech has always been a pretty tight-knit community. Travel well. It's gonna make for an exciting week for us.

Q. Being that this is a first-time event, there's no defending champion and everybody is a kind of starting level, what's it like to come in when everybody has limited course knowledge?
BRANDON de JONGE: Yeah, it's a little bit different. You know, we go to the same venues every year. Some guys have been there 20, 25 years. So this will definitely even out the playing field in that regard.
I'm some guys will take a little bit longer out there on the practice rounds trying to learn the course some more. Yeah, it definitely evens out the playing field a little bit.

Q. Talk about who it course best suits. Is it better for a long hitter? A short game player? Who does this course best suit?
BRANDON de JONGE: Um, I think it's gonna be fairly even for everybody. There are a lot of the holes where if you can drive it far, you can drive it over all the cross bunkers which will make it a lot easier.
I think it's not gonna favor any one kind of player. The fairways are fairly narrow, so you got to drive it straight as well.

Q. This is the course that's really popular from Sam Snead. What's it like with the legacy of Sam Snead, with him not here, but still he's very, very popular in this area?

Q. Can you talk a little bit about Sam Snead with this course?
BRANDON de JONGE: Yeah, you know, it's great. I think any time there's history at a venue it's definitely gonna attract a stronger field. A lot of guys have studied on the history of golf, and I know how beloved Sam Snead was in this area having gone to school close by.
It's pretty cool we can come to a place like this.
JOHN BUSH: Anything else? Okay.

Q. Just wondering if you could talk about your game and your strengths and what you think has been really going right for you lately.
BRANDON de JONGE: Um, I've been hitting the ball good for the last couple months. Been hitting a lot of greens. Obviously if you keep doing that and finally make a couple putts, you can shoot some good scores.
So, you know, I'm hoping for more the same this week. Keeping the same frame of mind and keep knocking on the door.
JOHN BUSH: All right. I think this does it. Thanks for coming by. Play well this week.
BRANDON de JONGE: Thanks very much, guys.

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