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July 25, 2010

James Hinchcliffe

Martin Plowman

J.K. Vernay


THE MODERATOR: We're pleased to be joined by our podium finishers from today's Firestone Indy Lights Edmonton 100: James Hinchcliffe, JK Vernay, and Martin Plowman.
Starting with James, you're getting a win in your home country. How exciting is that?
JAMES HINCHCLIFFE: It's obviously a fantastic feeling. It's the first time I've managed to do it in my open wheel career. To get it finally done -- I've come close a couple times, come close here a couple times. To finally get it feels extra special.
That cool-down lap was a lot of fun, seeing all the fans in the stands. And thanks to all them for coming out because it's such a great event. It certainly wasn't easy. JK made me work for it, that's for sure.
THE MODERATOR: A little redemption, finally, from Toronto?
JAMES HINCHCLIFFE: Yes. What a difference a week makes. Last week I was sitting steaming in a tire wall. And now I'm on top step of the podium. So it's a great feeling.
I think yesterday had a lot to do with it. I think obviously the race was largely impacted by qualifying. And for us to sneak that pole out was a huge accomplishment.
And it led a lot to today. I have to thank the team, our boys a ton. From when we rolled off the trailer the car was quick. Practice, qualifying, the race, it was everything we needed. Only just -- it wasn't much, just in qualifying and just in the race. But it makes it exciting for the fans, too.
THE MODERATOR: JK, this is your seventh podium finish in eight seasons this season. First trip to Edmonton. Your thoughts on today's race?
JK VERNAY: It was a great race with James. Did a great race, no mistakes, nothing for me to pass. Since the start I was behind him. I really tried to push hard and to take him.
But he didn't give me a real chance, I have to say. And it was really good. Canada looks good for me. One victory, one second place. So I think it's good. We have to continue like that for the next race and trying to push hard and to work with my engine. But it was great. And just yesterday, I mean, qualifying is really important. And in Toronto I was in front for half a tenth and here I'm behind half a tenth again. So it's racing. And we hope to come back in the first position for the next race.
THE MODERATOR: Martin, your eighth top 10 finish this season. The only driver to finish in the top 10 of every Firestone Indy Lights race this season, as well as you're the only driver to complete every lap of every race. Talk about the consistency of going on right now.
MARTIN PLOWMAN: I think there's a lot of hard work. We're pushing for the first win, trying to hold that consistency, just a one race win. So this year we're just building a lot of momentum with the team and I'm growing confidence all the time with my engineers and we're getting faster. Starting to challenge for the podiums and front rows now. One of these days we're going to get it, I hope.
THE MODERATOR: Great. I thank you guys for your patience and coming out here.

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