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July 25, 2010

Tom Watson


TOM WATSON: I struggled with my golf game. It was a walk down memory lane. I had a lot of good memories from 1975, and I remembered a lot of the shots. Wish I could have recreated some of those shots, 17 and some of the shots that I played. I remember playing into the wind on the final round of Saturday's round and playing downwind, completely different golf course.
We played this wind right here, which is the first time we had this wind, this is like we played the final round wind, a little bit stronger.
Made an eagle, holed an 8-iron at No. 6 today for a three. I had 129 into the wind, a beautiful shot right at the hole. Landed about six feet in front of the hole and took one hop and it went right in the hole. It was a nice shot.
And then not too many good shots after that. Although, I finished on a bad note on 18 with a fat sand wedge into the burn. That's not a good way to finish.
I enjoyed turning 35 years into some memories. That was a good time. I wish I had played better. I just wish I had played better. I didn't play very well the last two weeks. Just struggled with my golf swing and just didn't have it this year.

Q. Is that more emotional, day-to-day?
TOM WATSON: Actually not. I'm still just trying to compete. I'm doing what I'm always doing, just trying to play my best out there and I didn't do it. I still get frustrated.
So I leave with frustration, but there's always next week at the U.S. Senior Open, try to figure it out.

Q. How long will you play in this event?
TOM WATSON: Don't know. Really can't say. I'll play it again.
Sometimes I can see in the future where the level of the game might not be good enough to come over and play. Frankly that's when you have to make a decision whether to do it or not. I'm not quite there yet although my level of play the last two weeks wasn't very good.

Q. You now face a time difference.
TOM WATSON: Yeah, I have to go back and struggle with the time difference and play in the U.S. Senior Open, but we'll see what happens. The body, it will wake up early, but I have an early tee off time on Thursday, so I can wake up early and just kind of morning my way into getting on schedule. The afternoon tee off time on Friday will be probably a little tough.

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