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July 25, 2010

Bernhard Langer


Q. In the hierarchy of all of the things that you've done, all of the tournaments you have won, where does this rank?
BERNHARD LANGER: This ranks very high. Obviously it was pretty close to my two U.S. Masters championships and some of The Ryder Cup stuff I won and those things, but it's definitely in the Top-10 and it's a thrill to finally hold this trophy.
Corey played very well all day, he's a beautiful ball-striker and bends the ball both directions and he has a great short game. I knew he wouldn't go away and he got the lead to two and I got it back to three and it went to two and down to one.
You know, it's just obviously a little closer, as you said, than I wanted to, but my goal was to come into 18 with a three-shot lead, and I had two shots. I played it safe, laid up and it's tough to birdie that hole. But Corey played very well and my hat's off to him.
You still get nervous, and especially a championship that means something to you. As you know, I've always wanted to win The Open Championship and this is the next best thing. I probably will not win The Open Championship, but I'm very pleased to win the Senior Open Championship on a great golf course like this.

Q. And final comments about Carnoustie as a venue?
BERNHARD LANGER: Well, Carnoustie is a wonderful, tough links course, maybe the toughest I've ever played. The setup was very good and I want to congratulate the people who set up the golf course from the European PGA, and also I want to thank MasterCard for their title sponsorship and support of this tournament.

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