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July 25, 2010

Jiyai Shin


MODERATOR: Good afternoon everybody, and welcome to our final press conference of the 2010 Evian Masters presented by Société Générale.
To my left, the two architects of this event, Jacques and Franck from the Evian Masters organization. Would you guys like to say a few words before we get started? No? You've said enough.
Congratulations to Jiyai. Not only is she the 2010 Evian Masters champion, but the LPGA projects that with this victory, tomorrow when we calculate the Rolex Rankings for Monday, that Jiyai will again return to the No. 1 spot in the Rolex Rankings.
Congratulations, Jiyai.
JIYAI SHIN: Thank you.
MODERATOR: Can you tell us what you're feeling right new after having won the Evian Masters sitting there on the 18th green watching that last putt?
JIYAI SHIN: Thank you for coming in. Actually, this morning I thinking I have a chance for win, so I try to make -- no make mistake. So I play very well today. My shot was great, and I really excited play with Morgan, because we already play first and second round. So we really enjoyed playing.
And then, well, last few holes I get -- feels like, Oh, I close to win, so I really nervous and I got really pressure. But I try thinking, Oh, just focus, focus, and just trust myself.
Actually 18 hole, I left about eight, nine feet putt, and then -- actually, this week, I didn't make -- just one birdie, just two birdie on the par-5. So I think, Oh, just give me the last birdie just this time. Then I just hit it; it was good; and then ball go in.
I feel really unbelievable. And then I waiting for Morgan's putt. Actually, she still have a good chance for birdie, so I just my caddie, Dean and me, we talked about how focus we should play the playoff.
I couldn't see Morgan's putt, but she miss. But thank you for Morgan, because we really enjoyed.
MODERATOR: You were several strokes behind Morgan through most of the day, and then you caught up on the back nine. Going down 18, did you feel like you needed a birdie to win the tournament? Because there were four players in the clubhouse - two Americans and two Koreans who you know very well - who were waiting to see what you did on 18.
JIYAI SHIN: Well, I already know that because on the 17th they have a scoreboard, so I already look at. I really want to birdie on last hole.
Just like I have confidence on last hole. I don't know why. First thought, Oh, maybe I can make a birdie and then just straight hit it, hit it, and then made it in.
MODERATOR: You join an illustrious group of players from all over the world. What does this tournament mean, and what do you think the fans will recall about this event and you as its champion?
JIYAI SHIN: Well, I really love this event. This is my favorite place. This is my favorite event. So I really happy to win here. Lots of player came over here. We all the time just happy because nice place, nice view, nice people, nice food. (Laughing.)
So, well, and then this season never Koreans won before, so many people -- many Korean people want to win this week this event. Well, I just starting, I think.
I just want to say thank you very much for the whole sponsor.
MODERATOR: They clearly were prepared, because they had a Korean flag in the helicopter flying above you. That was nice to see, huh?
JIYAI SHIN: That was amazing also.
MODERATOR: The other thing that was alluded to afterwards was our commissioner, mike Whan, mentioned that it wasn't that long ago that you called and let us know that you weren't gonna play a tournament because you had to go to the hospital for an emergency appendix removal.
Talk us through that moment and the fact that you're sitting here today. I won't hit you in the gut, but explain to the media here how that unfolded over the last few weeks.
JIYAI SHIN: Well, I got surgery about six weeks ago. Then I'm already recovery, so no more pain. Couple weeks ago I already start work out, so actually after surgery I take off just two weeks.
I think it was really good time for me, because I needed time just take off, just sitting at the home. I just watching the other players play.
Well, after that, I really -- I got more comfortable, yeah, because my physical feeling getting better beginning of the season, because a little bit too much pushed by myself, I think.
But after surgery, I just more enjoying playing the tour. I think that is quick recovery.
MODERATOR: Traditionally we have champagne showers, but today you had a shower with Evian. How does it feel? Doesn't smell quite the same, but you certainly look great.
Like to open it up to the media now with questions.

Q. You spend a lot of time on 18 today, maybe 20, 30 minute. Did you think the putting will be the key of the winning today?
JIYAI SHIN: Just try thinking no more, because sometime we get the pressure where tempo getting fast. So I just thinking, Just normal putt. Just normal putt. I all the time thinking about that. And then I did, too.

Q. Congratulations. Good win, particularly coming back after your surgery. Seeing as how you and Morgan played together and there was one other person tied at the top, did you feel like you were in a match play situation the last four, five, six holes there?
JIYAI SHIN: Yes, because last couple holes they have a good chance for birdie, so we try make birdie before like after the last couple holes we try make birdie. Because everybody make chance to birdie on the last hole, and 17 also.
So, well, I really close to Morgan and we are good friend. We really enjoy - I think - we really enjoy the play. She was great play, too. She made eagle on 5 hole. It was amazing. I think she have more chance to birdie. She have chance to more win, but last few holes her putter was a little bit just missed couple putts.
Anyway, I really want say thank you for Morgan.

Q. Neither you nor Morgan on 16 or 17 came out with a birdie. What happened? Was it a little bit of tension and anxiety there?
JIYAI SHIN: I think so, because we knew very important putt. So we tried to with the pressure, so maybe that.

Q. This is your first win this year, correct?
JIYAI SHIN: Yes, it is. Actually I won already in Japan, Japan event. But on LPGA, first win this year.

Q. I would like to know how many golf course you have played since your golf career? And do you think Evian is the best golf course for female golfers?
JIYAI SHIN: This golf course?

Q. Yes, for lady golfers.
JIYAI SHIN: I think so, because some hole is very narrow, so we need a great shot from the tee. And then green is really harder to read. But the course is not play long, so I think that's good point for me, because I'm not long hitter. (Laughing.)
Anyway, I really enjoy playing here, because very nice view here and a great country.

Q. One more question. Tell us some story about your caddie. How did you work well with your caddie in this final competition? Is he supporting you very well during the competition?
JIYAI SHIN: You asking me about caddie?

Q. Yes.
JIYAI SHIN: My caddie name is Dean. Dean is work me about three years. When I get nervous, he try to make calm. Yeah, I really appreciate my caddie.
And then, well, I really comfortable with my caddie because he already know my game style, so he really good to me.

Q. Since you got first career win Evian Masters, do you think to get first win for Korea in Olympics in 2016?
JIYAI SHIN: I hopefully, because Korean people, we really like watching the soccer play.
And then also, I hopefully -- not my hope, just whole Korean hope, too.

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