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July 24, 2010

Tom Watson


TOM WATSON: Any time you make par there is a good score. I hit a 5-iron, slapped it in the front left bunker. Didn't have that difficult of a shot. Didn't have that long of a shot that it was blind, and knocked it a couple of feet from the hole. I enjoyed that shot.
But overall, my play today was not very good. Just I'm in a cold spell now.

Q. Finishing level par, is that something you've always set as a minimum target, where you feel the course has beaten you if you don't finish level par?
TOM WATSON: No, I think it's just the way the golf course, with this type of wind, 3-under par is very doable, if I play some good, quality shots. I like to have a target score, and 68 tomorrow is my target score.

Q. Do you always go out with a target score?
TOM WATSON: Not necessarily. Sometimes you go out, you make a certain number of birdies and bogeys, basically.

Q. You described Carnoustie as a tough course. Which was more scary here, the 18th here or the abseiling?
TOM WATSON: The 18th here, without a doubt.

Q. Have you ever abseiled before?
TOM WATSON: No, I had not. But I had good instruction. The one thing is you listen to your instructor, very, very seriously.

Q. Winning your first here, how special does Carnoustie remain in your heart and your mind?
TOM WATSON: It's like the first kiss. You always remember the first kiss and I'll always remember Carnoustie. The shots, and in particular, the playoff with Jack Newton, I remember the shots that I played to get there and to win the championship. That will always be with me. It was a wet day. It was a tough day. The previous day, the wind was from the south. The first three days, there was no wind at all.

Q. No Swilken Bridge to kiss here tomorrow; do you see this as a farewell gesture this some ways as St. Andrews was last week?
TOM WATSON: It probably is. I probably won't play Carnoustie in another championship, but I say probably. It's not definite.

Q. Just to ask you about one of your rivals today, Bernhard has won ten times on the Champions Tour and has taken a two-shot lead; he seems to be settling down very well?
TOM WATSON: He's playing well. I played with him the first two rounds and he played well. Yesterday was not as good as the first day. The first play, he played a very solid round of golf. He's taking these bunkers very seriously. He is not challenging the bunkers, as I did.

Q. That bunker shot on 16, your best shot today?
TOM WATSON: Yes, it was. It was, without a doubt.

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