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July 24, 2010

Corey Pavin


Q. Thoughts on the day today?
COREY PAVIN: Well, you know, it was a day I played fairly well, and a lot of putts just missed. Sometimes you have days like that. I would rather have it be on Saturday than Sunday.
So I'll go work on my putting and see if I was maybe lined up a little bit wrong or something was off. But I was pleased with today and I played well.

Q. It was the putting; it was down to that, that's all, wasn't it, and it was fractions.
COREY PAVIN: Yeah, it seemed like I had a lot of 12-, 15-footers for birdie and couldn't get them in. Just missed. But that's the way it goes sometimes and that's why we play tomorrow, as well.

Q. The three-shot lead Bernhard has at the moment, how do you feel about that going into the last round? Does it change your game plan?
COREY PAVIN: No, I'm going to play the same way. This course, once you start attacking and getting aggressive, it can really come up and bite you. But if I get into position with a few holes to go, I might take a chance if I need to. But for the most part I'll just play my own game.

Q. The speed today, questionable, as well, we know that's going to happen with Bernhard, he takes his time but that gives you a little bit of time, as well it, could put pressure back on.
COREY PAVIN: Well, I don't try to think about it too much. You know, I think everybody has their own pace they play, and when you play with somebody, you just understand that and you have to play, whether you play with someone fast or someone maybe a little bit slower, but it's all fine. Bernhard is a great guy and we have been friends for a long, long time and that's the way he plays and I play the way I play and we get on with it.

Q. Looking forward to tomorrow, will you be looking forward to a little bit of breeze? Or what about the conditions today; the green flies were a menace, weren't they?
COREY PAVIN: Yeah, the bugs were out today. I can't think of how this course can play any easier than it did with no winds and still the scores were tough and that's how hard Carnoustie is. But whatever the weather is what it is and I'll just play and react to that.

Q. Great save at nine and a couple at bogeys, but you seemed to recover and play nicely.
COREY PAVIN: Yeah, I played okay today. I had a little glitch in the middle of the round but I hit a lot of good putts that don't go in and hopefully those will go in tomorrow. I was pleased with the way I played. You have to be patient here and that's what I tried to do today.

Q. A day for scoring, obviously, with the wind lacking, but three shots behind our leader, Bernhard Langer, going to take a special round to catch him tomorrow?
COREY PAVIN: Well, he played a very solid round of golf today. I think he only hit really one loose shot today. He played really solidly and I can't really expect Bernhard to come back, but then again I can't be aggressive on Carnoustie and try to kill it, because it will kill you if you try to do that.
I hit a lot of good putts that didn't go in and that happens. You just have to be patient. It's not like I have to make a million birdies out there but it would have been nice for a few of them to fall in. I can only do what I can do and hit the putts the best I can, and if they fall, they fall. Execution is all I can do, and the rest is up to somebody upstairs.

Q. How pleased have you been with your form so far over the three rounds this week? Seems to be pretty solid?
COREY PAVIN: I've played very well and managed my game very well. I wouldn't say that I've hit it perfectly, but I've hit it pretty nicely and I've made some good saves and made some good putts when I needed to. So I'm in a good position, obviously, and there's only one guy ahead of me, and I'm glad I'm playing with Bernhard the last day, tomorrow. That was very important to me the last couple of holes to make sure I'm playing in the last group.

Q. As we can see, a three-shot lead can be wiped out very quickly on this course; you are in a nice position.
COREY PAVIN: Yeah, there's a lot that can happen tomorrow. This course can come up and bite you anywhere. Bernhard is playing very well. It's going to be hard to catch him but I'll just have to be patient tomorrow and hopefully some of those putts will go in that didn't go in today.

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