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July 23, 2010

Jay Haas


Q. A couple thoughts on your day, 3-under right now?
JAY HAAS: Yeah, it was a tough day. I thought the scores were a little bit better yesterday overall I think. And you know, to shoot 2-under today on this golf course, at any time, but especially with this wind, I'm very pleased. And making a 3 on last hole, I feel like I'll sleep a little bit better tonight, yeah.

Q. Any difference condition-wise between yesterday and today, wind changed direction?
JAY HAAS: Yeah, the wind changed about 90 degrees, so 18 was right-to-left across and yesterday was dead into us. So it was a little bit easier and it made some of the other holes much harder, because there was a lot of cross-wind holes today that we didn't have and didn't seem like it yesterday.
It was stronger, a stronger breeze and that's what you get, a day ago, two days ago, they were saying today was supposed to be perfect; it was nice, but it was far from perfect.

Q. What makes this course so difficult, is weather conditions a lot of it?
JAY HAAS: I think if it doesn't blow here, you can do good here, because the shots go the correct distance it seems like. I mean, I'm hitting 8-irons 190 yards and I'm hitting 6-irons 140 yards; so it doesn't make any sense. You have to kind of throw the yardage book out a couple of times and go with your instincts a lot. I think that makes it difficult.
The bunkers are very penal and if you drop in the bunker, you can't skip to the green. You have to just kind of pitch out. In a sense, it's a one-shot men penalty, and I've managed to keep away from the fairway bunkers, so I need to do that the rest of the week.

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