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July 23, 2010

Ian Woosnam


Q. First round over par and you go out there this morning, is there any change in your mental attitude, or does all of your experience to tell you to go out and play and see what happens?
IAN WOOSNAM: I think yesterday I finished with a birdie and I just had a little click on the swing there the last couple of swings I had, and so thought I would take that out today. There wasn't much wind and that can be a little bit more of a chance to get into a bit of a rhythm, as well.

Q. What's the balance between your physical ability and talent, as opposed to what's going on mentally?
IAN WOOSNAM: Well, the thing is, I've been working on too many things and just tried to make it simple today. That's what you've got to try and do out there, use your experience, play short of the bunkers, you might be going in -- you know if you hit driver, you'll be going in with an 8-iron, but you have to play short of the bunkers sometimes and going in with 3-irons. You've just got to play to the right position, be patient and try to make a score.

Q. Do you enjoy it, because everybody says -- they call it a monster and a beast, and they seem to love it.
IAN WOOSNAM: It's running a little bit. It's sensible to put the tees up a little bit. It is a long course but it is playable.

Q. Where do you stand now with your score? The wind is kind of coming up.
IAN WOOSNAM: Believe me, I'm really pleased with having under par, because I played so poorly this year. I've been working hard on my swing, so I don't have any hopes up too much but I'm there or thereabouts and see what happens.

Q. You said you had a little click at the end of yesterday's round? So how do you take today's form into Saturday?
IAN WOOSNAM: Just go down to the range a little. I'm going to alter my clubs a little bit. They are maybe a little bit too flat. Try to hit a little draw, and it's staying out right; so I'm going to make them a little bit more upright, get a little draw going and hopefully I can get that little feel going again.

Q. A great round today, very nearly a grandstand finish again on 18.
IAN WOOSNAM: Yeah, looked like it was going straight in the middle. I would have been happy to get it within two feet. You know, that's how things go for you. It could have gone in, as well, but just pleased to make a par down there. I didn't want to do anything stupid, a nice drive and I just tried to push a 5-iron into the middle of the green, just held it up a bit too much. But happy to make a four.

Q. You finished strongly yesterday, you've taken that into the round today, how do conditions vary from the two rounds for you?
IAN WOOSNAM: I think probably had nine holes pretty soft this morning and it's just started to get up again. The guys are going to do their scoring on the front nine, really, and then try to hang on coming back.

Q. I think it's fair to say, not a big under-par score is going to win this trophy; so your score today has played yourself nicely into contention for the weekend.
IAN WOOSNAM: I think 3-under par, you know, I think if you get to 6- or 7-under par, you must have a good chance to win. As we all know, it depends on what the weather is going to be like.

Q. What would it mean to you if you could win the Senior Open Championship this year?
IAN WOOSNAM: Believe me I just want to start playing better. I've been working hard on my swing and today I just have to try to believe in what I'm trying to do and stand up and hit it. Sometimes you feel like you have a golden ball and you don't want to lose it. I tried, like down 17, I tried to commit to it and down the 18th off the tee. Not full of confidence at the moment, but if I can keep hitting good shots, it will come back.

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